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Every HelloSkills Mentee goes through a rigorous 60 Hour UpSkill course followed by Weekend Classes and Doubt clearing sessions for the whole semester.

PS: If you have any additional skillset requirement; let us know and our Mentors will take care of it.

Hire Students who are a good fit as per your company culture

At HelloSkills every Mentee goes through a Psychometric Assessment Test which assess a student on over 12 Personality Points.

HelloSkills AI helps you choose the most righteous individual who not only is a technical fit for your team but fits perfectly into your company culture.

Separate Interpersonal UpSkill Sessions

We understand, it’s not just about the hard skills, but interpersonal and soft skills play an important role in Human Personality.

Irrespective of the skill workshop a mentee joins, a separate soft skills training is given to everyone.

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