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What is HelloSkills Mentorship Programme?

HelloSkills Mentorship is one of our Flagship programme where Mentors from various verticals interact with college students and share their knowledge and experience.

A Mentor can take a weekend class, or give their Mentees an hour long Ask-Me-Anything Session or can visit their college for a guest lecture.

Who can be a HelloSkills Mentor, How to be One?

Anyone with relevant industry experience can become a HelloSkills Mentor. All you need is zeal to give back to the society and you have a knack of teaching.

The steps are as easy as A-B and C.

A: Fill the sign up form below.
B. Wait for our Moderators to call you within 72 Hours.
C. Start mentoring students as soon as you are ready.

Become a HelloSkills Mentor

Mentor FAQs

It solely depends on the Mentor that in what capacity have they joined us.
The time can range from an hour a month for our guest speakers to 40 hours a week for our Workshop Mentors.

You don't require one but if you are mentoring students we highly recommend you to have a dedicated course material. But don't worry, our team helps you develop the course material for you.

If you are an Online Mentor, we are sorry but we do not offer any monetary incentives. Whereas if you are one of our Workshop Mentors, depending upon the number of hours you give, you can earn upto Rs. 1 Lakh a month.

Meet HelloSkills Mentors

Ayush Verma

Founder & CEO, HelloSkills; 8+ Years of Digital Industry Experience.

Ayush Verma is a BITS Pilani Alumnus and first generation Entrepreneur. He is in the Digital Industry for 8 years now and has been mentoring some student run startups at an individual level for 3 years now. Ayush has helped them out in terms of Business Models, Sales Channels, Customer acquisition, Marketing etc. He has mentored over 500 students in Business & Marketing from all across India.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Consulted 25+ Brands, Leading Blogger of India.

Iftekhar Ahmed is a full-fledged Digital Marketer, and Co-Founder of Grofits Venture - A digital agency specializing in Design, Development and Digital Marketing. Iftekhar has mentored 1000+ students in Digital Marketing and Brand Building, he also handles nationwide Digital Marketing Campaigns for various organizations.

Ashish Tiwari

Email and Linux Expert, Cofounder MimePost

Ashish Tiwari has 5+ years of Industry Experience in the Software & Email industry. Started his journey as Software Engineer & he is an avid contributor to Open Source Community. A Full stack developer, he is the organiser of Mumbai Elastic Community. His major coding proficiency lies in Technologies like Go, PHP, Node, JS, HTML, Elasticsearch, MySQL and MongoDB.

Dr. Diksha Ojha

Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Expert

Dr. Diksha Ojha is a Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy Expert and is actively involved in Online Mentorship on How to use Nature to Heal your body. Being a naturopath physician and yoga healer, she prefers to indulge self in nature and also counsel and motivate her patients to get acknowledge with nature cure treatment and heal without any medication.

Jayesh Janyani

New Age Technologies Expert, Application Engineer, Oracle Corporation

Jayesh is an Application Engineer at Oracle Corporation with 2+ years of experience in the Software Development Industry. He is was the first runner up of Microsoft Hackathon 2019. He has been training college students with - "How to get into Product based Companies" from Tier 2-3 colleges. He loves to code and keeps himself updated with Javascript and React. He has a huge portfolio of projects built using frontend technologies. If you are looking to know about the new age technologies, and how to get started with them, Jayesh is your man.

Nilay Arora

Software Developer, Oracle Corporation

Nilay is a Software Engineer by profession and has been training students in Programming from his college days. He has worked with JPMorgan & Piramal Group as a Software Engineering Intern. He has an extensive domain knowledge of AI and ML and has worked with cutting edge technologies like TensorFlow and Keras.

Nischay Rathi

Financial Analytics Expert, UBS Group

Nischay Rathi is an ICT Mumbai and BITS Pilani alumnus, with the industry exposure of over 6 years into Financial analysis, manufacturing, new product development, strategic alliance and research. A Financial Analyst by profession he has experience working with UBS Global Wealth Management Bank and couple of start-ups in Fin-tech industry and strategic development space. Nischay is your go-to person if you are looking to gain knowledge on different technology research projects, financial industry know-how, manufacturing industry and start-up culture.

Pranav Khergade

Founder & CEO, Pashaan Technologies - A Drone Consultancy.

Pranav has over 4 years of experience in flying under his belt and as well as flying drones commercially. He now heads up Pashaan as CEO with dozen of clients. Pranav is experienced trainer and coordinates the workshops where you can spend 1-5 days advancing your knowledge on Drone Development, PiX4D Mapping, BVLOS, Drone Photography and more.

Sanya Khanna

Product Manager, Bank of Malaysia

Sanya is a BITS Pilani Alumnus, working as a Product Manager at the Bank of Malaysia. With an experience of over 4 years, she is proficient in everything that goes behind the development of complex ML and AI models. She regularly works with Product Management tools like JIRA, InVision and AdobeXD, and is also proficient with Data Analysis & Processing tools & languages, including PowerBI, Tableau, R, SQL, etc. With all this experience, she is surely a valuable mentor that anyone in Data Science domain can look up to.

Shakti Nayan

Consultant - Data Engineering, Genpact

Shakti Nayan is a BITS Pilani alumnus with 4 years of industry experience. He is a Consultant and Project Lead at Genpact's Data Engineering Solution. As a Management Consultant, he is a competent professional in corporate strategy and business process optimization with business intelligence. He is a domain expert in Insurance, Banking and Finance and Life Sciences. Shakti captures the depth of trending technology and recommends industry intensive solutions to large and mid size enterprises.

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