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Trust Quotient- Have You Done Your Trust Assessment?

Whether it’s a personal relationship or professional relationship, trust is the backbone of all bonds. Even a pinch of distrust can be harmful and break someone’s belief in you in mere seconds. But the question here arises how we can measure trust? Trust Quotient can be used to measure a person’s faith in someone.

Having faith in someone or something is trust. To build up trust, a person has to be honest and believe in the integrity of others. If you are a trusted person, you have a great tendency to achieve big goals in life. 

Moreover, people can rely on you. Contrary, when you try to get your work done by breaking someone’s loyalty, it isn’t easy to step forward in life. Furthermore, you have a constant fear of getting caught some or other day. 

It isn’t easy to win someone’s trust. Trust plays a significant role in building a successful life. Let’s have a quick trust check; all you have to do is answer the questions in yes or no.

Can you be trusted?

Are you honest?

Are you loyal?

If you want to know more about whether you can be trusted or not or your honesty and loyalty capabilities, learn about your trust quotient, which is the measure of trust.

What Exactly is Trust Quotient?

Trust Quotient is a person’s ability to have such a personality that can be trusted and trust others easily. Your trust quotient reflects the influence you have on people. If people have a good impact on you, it is easy for them to trust you and rely on you. 

Could your intentions be trusted? How much you trust others intention? Facing trouble answering these questions?

Trust quotient is an easy escape to answer them. It not only tells about how much your intentions could be trusted or how much you trust others intentions but also involves factors like reliability and credibility.

In relationships, trust quotient plays a significant role. It helps you to direct your relationship on the right path by trusting and believing each other, especially in difficult situations. Trust quotient has a significant impact on career opportunities too.

You need to gain a lot of credibilities to gain appreciation at your workplace. Also, your efforts won’t be counted until they are useful and honest. All these factors could be understood when your trust quotient is measured.

Hence, it is essential to understand the trust quotient, to know what your actions and capabilities are reflecting about you. You need to understand the way you are visible to others and the way you present yourself and trust quotient will help you to understand that.

How Can We Evaluate Trust? – Factors Determining Trust Quotient

Trust quotient is measured based on different behavioural aspects in various sectors of life. Some of the factors are fundamental ones, like a person’s integrity, honesty, loyalty, etc. whereas some are particularly work-oriented like credibility. 

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that are used for measuring trust quotient


Are you consistently striving to meet the expectations of others? If yes, you may be a person others can rely on. Reliability is one of the significant factors for measuring trust and plays a significant role. It includes consistency within itself. You can only gain someone’s trust if they can rely on you, or you can trust someone when you can easily rely on them. Reliability makes others believe that you won’t let you down.


Can you persuade others by your ideas or thoughts? Do you want others to trust your ideas? Trust is built on credibility. Gaining trust in the workplace is entirely based on your credibility. If you perform well in a consistent manner, it will be easy for everyone to trust you and assign you better work than before. Being credible is an excellent achievement in itself and brings more significant opportunities in life.


It is rightly said, “Success without integrity is a failure.” Integrity is the quality of being honest and having high moral etiquettes. A person with high integrity can be trusted anytime because honesty is one of the significant moral values. 


If your understanding makes others comfortable around you, then you can be easily trusted. Trust is built easily if you are compatible with the person who you are trusting or who is trusting you. Compatibility brings a sense of comfort with itself. It becomes easier to open up and put up our views and thoughts in front of someone.


Are you the same person privately, publically and personally? If yes, you are easy to trust and truly honest. The ability to stay true to your orientation and presentation is genuineness. 

A genuine person is the one who is the same inside out, whether at home or work or in a social event. Genuineness is excellent quality and difficult to adapt but once learned gains a lot of appreciation.

Till now, you must have got an idea of how all these traits play a significant role in building the trust quotient in a person. You also must have figured out where you lack. Want to know where you stand in trust quotient? Do take a personality test to know more. 

Are you Credible Enough to be trusted?

The Trust Quotient possesses various traits like reliability, credibility, integrity, loyalty, and compatibility. There may be instances where take decisions practically rather than emotionally, but at other places, you might put your trust quickly and agree to their choices and vice versa.  

 Do you understand people? Are you trustable? Do you have high integrity and morals? Do you stand firm to your morals and ethics? If you are dwindling between any of the questions and want to be sure, you must take the test and get insights about your Trust Quotient. 

Got your Scores in Trust Assessment? Know What they Mean!

Once you have given a trust quotient test, you will get specific scores. Each score has a different meaning. Further, for your understanding, we classify scores into three categories: High, medium and low. Each score lies within one of these three categories. Let’s have a brief idea about what your scores mean.

trust quotient

High Score in Trust Quotient

If you have a high trust quotient you:

  • Can make people trust you easily 
  • Tend to be honest 
  • Are faithful 
  • Are very kind and humble
  • Have high moral etiquette and good intentions always.

Medium Trust Quotient

People who are true to themselves and others but are not consistent about honesty usually fall under the medium scorer category. Such people:

  • Are good at understanding people but could not be trusted completely
  • Are difficult for you to trust 
  • Always doubt their decision. 
  • Try to maintain calm 
  • Be firm about their choices.

Low Trust Quotient

People with low trust quotient are varied from every other person’s intentions. If you are a low scorer you are:

  • Always doubtful about others.
  • A bit pretentious 
  • Tend to lose faith easily 
  • Prone to be more practical than emotional 
  • Tend to hold grudges. 


Trust is one such personality trait that believes the other person’s intentions are generous towards them, and they rely on them quickly. 

Are you worried about your scores in Trust quotient or Trust Assessment?

Don’t worry! Trust is one such trait that can be built over time. You can learn to trust others and be honest yourself, making other people trust you. It is said that “Trust can be taught.” Hence you can start to make people feel comfortable and compatible with you with your genuineness and honest behaviour.

For better understanding, you can give the trust quotient test and other personality tests to know more about your personality and how you can make it better.

Trust us for your Trust Quotient!

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