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My Openness to Experience Score, Meaning and Implications

Openness to experience is one of the Big Five Personality Traits, and it reflects how open-minded you are. Open-minded people are generally imaginative, intellectual, liberal, born artist and adventurous. Your openness to experience score shows your zest for trying new things.

Openness to experience is not only about being adventurous but also being enthusiastic and energetic about trying anything new. It could be a rafting experience or a new idea for your business. It could be anything that you want to do but are not sure about doing. In short, openness is about giving all your thoughts a shot. In other words, it is being enthusiastic about the changes and the challenges you may face.

Openness To Experience Personality Trait has six sub-traits: Imagination, artistic interests, emotionality, adventurousness, intellect and liberalism.

Openness to Experience Subtraits

All these traits combined are used to measure your openness to experience. Further, each of these traits is important personality tests. Indeed, knowing your scores in each of the sub-traits of openness to experience could be good for your overall personality development.

Are you open about experiencing new things?

Are you curious about knowing things?

Do you find yourself creative?

All these questions can be answered if you know your score in openness to experience personality trait test. Your score in the openness test tells you about your level of taking up new things.

So, let’s find what does the high, low and medium scores in openness to experience mean:

Implications of High Scores in Openness to Experience

Your score reflects your personality, and if you score high in openness, you are more likely to be:


Having a high score in openness to experience means you are an enthusiastic person who is ready for all new things in life. Despite worrying about the troubles new things may bring, you only care about the experience you are going to get. This quality of yours makes you high in openness to experience.


People who score high in openness to experience are ready to dive into anything they feel like exploring more. They have curious personalities. Such people tend to be open about their views and ideas, ready to express themselves whenever required. Further, they are not scared while putting forward their opinion, but they are flexible about it. They are ready to correct themselves when required.


If you score high in openness to experience, being out of the box thieves you more than anything. You will be inclined towards a creative and imaginative thought process in your work life. You have an active imagination and a creative mind. So, you come up with innovative ideas for your problems. 


People who have more sense of openness possess artistic interest. They like detailing and perfection in everything they do. People having a higher level of openness may be born artists or are more willing to become artists. 

Do you Know – High Openness leads to Good Connections?

Openness is a foundation on which every relationship is built. The lack of secrecy can strengthen trust in any relationship. If you are high in openness, then you are most likely to be a flexible person. You can mould yourself according to the people around you. Further, this could help in keeping up the good connections.

Good communication is an important part of a healthy relationship. Being open in a relationship can greatly help in enhancing communication and mutual understanding. Openness in a relationship allows one to express his feelings and also to understand the needs of others. Having a high score means you are more likely to be committed and connected in a relationship. It creates a positive effect, thus making the bonds stronger. 

If you possess an open attitude, you can easily attract many people. You can interact more and understand better. High scorers are creative and receptive towards new ideas. They enjoy new things and have a positive approach to life. Hence building relationships is easy for you. But you also need to make sure to maintain healthy relationships.

High Openness To Experience Score Related Career Choices

People who score high in openness to experience are very innovative in their approach and possess a lot of positive energy. These qualities bring more career opportunities to them. You may excel in jobs which require imagination, creativity and flexibility. Graphic designer, artist, traveller, philosopher or publicists are the best fit if you have a high score in openness to experience.  

High in openness means you are more adaptive and perceptive to your environment. Your positive nature can help you in job progress and consequently result in better outcomes. But it would help if you stayed a bit cautious because these experiences could turn negative at times. Try not to spend too much time just enjoying it. 

People who are open to experience should practice a bit of discipline in life. Try to know more about your personality and where you need to put more efforts, and you will grow better in life.

openness vs employment density graph

Implications of Medium scores in Openness to Experience

Being a medium scorer is a good sign since you will be able to view the pros and cons of your actions. If you score average in openness to experience you might be:


You might be a thoughtful person who has a zeal for exploring something new. However, you may feel a bit bound by the realistic thoughts that sometimes stop you from experiencing something new.


Being a medium scorer makes you a bit responsible person since you won’t always be lost in your imaginations. You will have a good inclination towards the practical and ideological side of thoughts.

Usually, a high scorer thinks about the pros, and a low scorer is all concentrated towards the cons of experiencing something new. However, a medium scorer understands both aspects. Being a medium scorer makes you better at building and maintaining relationships. You keep people intrigued by your creativity and positive energy by being realistic and smart.

A medium scorer faces some difficulties while picking their career. You may find it challenging to understand which area intrigues you more, trying new ideas can become stressful yet very productive for you. You need to find your level of intellect, creativity and imagination to know how much you need to change these traits to fit better in your career choices.

What about Low scores in Openness to Experience?

“Being unique is better than being perfect.”

Having a low score in openness to experience does not mean you are less than anyone. It just means that you are different and have a unique personality. Your low score indicates that you are:


A low score in openness to experience is such a person who is more inclined towards the practical thought process. Also, your general life choices are very practical. You do not like taking a risk and have a calculative approach to life. Whether it’s your work or your personal life, you tend to take measured steps and not prefer to run for anything.


Getting a low score restricts your imagination to travel beyond a specific limit. You have a subtle nature and like to stick with what you know. 


People who have low scores are plain and simple. Most of the time, such people are down to earth. 


Being a low scorer in openness to experience makes you less flexible of a person. Moreover, it becomes difficult for you to accept changes, even the necessary ones.

Relationships – A Tough Part for people with a Low Score in Openness

Low scorers in openness are generally less expressive about their feeling. They tend to see the practical aspects while meeting new people. They have a conventional outlook towards things and generally tend to stick to their viewpoints. 

Generally, people scoring low in this facet are rigid. So, it becomes difficult for them to adjust to a relationship. They barely can survive out of their comfort zone. Also, they are content with their lifestyle and don’t like going out of the way. 

People with low scores in openness have low emotionality. Whereas, having low emotionality makes you more reactive to external forces. However, a bit more emotionality could help you build better relationships and then you can manage them better with your capability to stay practical and understanding.

Low Score in Openness and its Correlation with Career 

In career growth, people with low scores tend to work hard and smart at times. Their practical and realistic approach helps them to achieve a successful career. Routine jobs are the best fit for low scorers when it comes to career. People with low scores generally tend to stick with their thoughts. This rigidness might restrict their growth, but they could always find a way using a practical approach.

Low scorers generally avoid taking a risk, which protects them from embarrassment from undesired outcomes. However, low risk-taking capabilities decrease the growth factor a bit. 

If you have a low score, you may find it challenging to put forward your opinion during discussions at work. However, you could always learn a few openness traits, like a good activity level, emotionality, and a bit of adventurousness is a must. 

It would help if you tried to know more about all such openness personality sub traits that you may be lagging and try to learn and develop some traits in your personality for better productive growth and more successful life. 

Thus, Concluding…

Having a high, medium, or low score in openness to experience has different effects on your life. Based on your situation and your capabilities, you should try to build such factors that can work for the betterment of your life. For this, you need to know more about your personality type.

You can take the Openness to Experience Personality Test from HelloSkills App and know your scores which may help in building a better lifestyle. 

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