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Openness to Experience Personality Trait – Everything you Need to Know!

Openness to experience is one of the major personality traits and a part of the Big Five Personality Model. Openness to experience plays a major role in developing a person’s day-to-day habits and behaviour. Also by understanding this personality trait and how much you relate with it can help you choose a better career option.

What Do You Mean by Openness to Experience?

Openness to experience is a personality trait that describes the lack of restrictions stopping a person from exploring. By restrictions, we do not mean to say the physical boundaries; we are referring to psychological restrictions.

Openness is breaking all the boundaries and going beyond your set of limits, enhancing your curiosity and getting into the depths by exploring. It is concerned with a person’s willingness to try new things and think out of the box. Openness to experience is one such personality trait that has a significant influence on the creative side of a person.

The level of openness to experience reflects your receptiveness towards new ideas and experiences. It shows how open-minded you are and how prepared you are to accept a wave of change or a new thing in your life.

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Testing Openness Behaviour? – Sub Traits of Openness to Experience

Openness to experience has six dimensions that are used to measure the extent of this trait. These dimensions are the sub-traits of openness to experience.

To know how much openness to experience personality exists in you, we need to first understand the six dimensions of Openness to experience and their effects on you. These traits themselves hold strong meaning, and you need to understand each one of them. Your score in each of these sub-traits will help you become better and will help excel in life.

Sub Traits of Openness

Imagination – Do you think out of the box?

 It is said that when reality becomes boring, one’s imagination can take them places and also motivate them to achieve those places in real life. Imagination is about thinking out of the box and bringing new ideas to life.

People who are open to exploring more have a great imagination and use their fantasies to make themselves more vibrant. Such people tend to be highly creative.

People who have a low imagination tend to prefer facts more than fantasy. Such people like to work on practical theories than on abstract ideas.

Emotionality – Can you control your emotions?

Emotionality is a big personality sub-trait that one cannot inherit easily. It requires a lot of meditation and practice to gain an acute sense of emotionality, but once achieved could take you places.

Emotionality is a person’s ability to maintain an emotional balance, which includes both behavioural and psychological aspects. Your emotionality depends on yourself as well as others. Your thoughts and feelings and others’ actions have an intense effect on your emotionality.

People with high emotionality have awareness about their feelings and thought process, which helps them maintain an emotional balance. They positively take negativity and try to maintain calm. Having high emotionality helps you to stay composed in stressful situations.

Whereas having low emotionality makes you more reactive to outer forces, it makes you vulnerable to negativity. People with low emotionality might find it difficult to express themselves.

Artistic Interests – How Creative Are You?

Do you focus on art more than money? Are you a born artist? A person’s ability to stay unique and creative is reflected by their artistic interest. Such people try to do something innovative in their work. People with artistic interest like detailing and perfection in everything they do.

People with high artistic interest tend to be intuitive and imaginative in nature. Such people are always highly impressed by artistic and natural events. It is observed that if you have high artistic interest, you would be more attached to nature, you would have a sense of independence in your thoughts.

People with low artistic interest are less aesthetic(?) and tend to have more interest in things that are simple and calculative rather than creative.

People who have a more artistic interest have more sense of openness.

Adventurousness – Are You Ready To Take Risks?

Most important of all for measuring openness to experience. Being daring, bold and ready to accept what may come are the qualities of an adventurous person. Adventurousness is the quality of being ready to accept new and dangerous experiences. Adventurous people have a versatile approach towards life and always ready to go for something more exhilarating.

If you have a high score in adventurousness you get eager over any new or risky experience. You are always ready to go for something out of normal routine, it excites you to do something different. Highly adventurous people have more chances of scoring high in openness to experience tests because adventurous people lack the biggest restriction- Fear.

People who are low scorers tend to be in love with the routine life, they are content with Normalcy. Doing something risky or dangerous seems unlikely to them. If you are scoring low in adventurousness, you are okay with living a comfortable life than a curious one.

Intellect – Do You Have The Intellectual Ability?

It’s a person’s reasoning and understanding capabilities, especially in abstract matters. A person can get involved with scientific creativity, involving intellectual content.

High scorers in intellect are more likely to be philosophical and intelligent. They have a great sense of understanding unique concepts. If you are a high scorer in intellect, you would enjoy solving riddles, puzzler and brain teasers.

Having a low score in intellect reflects that you are more into simpler things and like to keep things sorted rather than complex like people with high intellect. You would rather deal with people than ideas.

Liberalism – Are you able to express your opinions freely?

It refers to giving power to morality above rules. It is more about dispersing the power and nurturing uniqueness and diversity.

People who are liberals think they are above rules and regulations, they are people of their own will. Such people have a high score in openness because they are ready to put their thoughts into words and express their opinion.

People who are low scorers in liberalism tend to be reserved and a bit conservative in their practices. Such people do not demand control.

All six sub-traits of openness to experience are major personality traits and have a great impact on personality development. These six sub-traits together help us to understand your level of openness to experience.

What Does your Openness to Experience Score Say?

high vs low openness traits

High Score

Having a high score in openness means you:

  • Above all physical and psychological barriers, you are ready to dive into a new zest any time you get the opportunity.
  • Tend to be less analytical or practical.
  • Are receptive to change and new ideas.
  • Just do what you feel is right.
  • Are great explorers and always have the curiosity to know more.

Low Score

Low scores in openness to experience mean that you:

  • Are rule-abiding and simple routine life followers.
  • Don’t like going out of the way for the sake of trying something new.
  • Feel content with your lifestyle and are happy with everyday things.
  • Stick with traditional practices and simple thinking.
  • Prefer staying simple and practical rather than complex and innovative.

Openness Behaviour Correlation with your Career

Openness is like a breath of fresh air in your life. It brings the feeling of positivity and acceptance in your life. Such capability warms you up and makes you more adaptive. It helps you create a good atmosphere, making it easier to understand others’ needs.

For career growth, you need to implement new ideas once in a while and be ready to adapt to changes that may come.

All of this could be more understandable once you take the test and relate all such things with your score and need to grow openness. Once you know your scores, you may opt for enlisted career options.

openness vs employment density graph

If you score high in openness, you may opt following as your career:

  • Artist
  • Pilot
  • Graphic Designer
  • Philosopher
  • Traveller
  • Publicist

If you are a low scorer, you may go for:

  • Banker
  • Professor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Real Estate Agent

Why Should you Take the Openness to Experience Test?

Openness is not just about being adventurous or innovative. It is more about being receptive to changes and new ideas. This explains the need to adapt to exposure to grow better in life. One needs to know how they fare in a particular trait before increasing or decreasing that trait.

Before developing a skill, you need to know how much of that skill you need to learn, which is good for your personal and professional growth. To understand how much you need to change yourself to adapt to openness, you need to know that by taking the test and understanding the scores. Once you are aware of your scores, you can analyse yourself and the changes you need to adapt.

Take a test and get to know more about your personality and how you can make it better to achieve new horizons.

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