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My Extraversion Test Score, Meaning and Implications

How many times have you thought of the fact – Am I an Extrovert? Well, Extraversion is one of the Big Five Personality Traits that describe your perception of connection to others. It describes your optimistic view of people and your ability to build personal and professional relationships. Extraversion is the quality of being social and outgoing. It might astonish you how much your extraversion score can tell you. 

Have you ever wondered-

If you are an introvert or an extrovert? 

What makes you an introvert/extrovert?

To get the answer to all these questions, you need to take an extraversion personality test. Once you take the extraversion test, you will get a brief idea about your personality and what areas of your personality need your attention.

Extraversion has the following sub-traits which are considered while measuring it: Friendliness, Cheerfulness, Activity Level, Assertiveness, Gregariousness and Excitement Seeking Abilities.

Also, with extraversion tests, you can take the individual sub-trait tests like friendliness quotient, cheerfulness, full of life test, etc.

It may help you in developing a better understanding of extraversion and your personality.

extraversion score

Extraversion Personality Trait – High and Low Scores

Why do some people have high extraversion score while some score low on extraversion? The reason is Extraversion has sub-traits and people vary on each of these traits. Let us see what sub-traits comprise high and low scores.

Significance of Having High Extraversion Score 

Getting a high score in extraversion means you are:


People who have high scores in extraversion are occasionally called the life of the party, and if you are one of them, you must have been invited to many social gatherings. Such people tend to find happiness in activities that involve large numbers of people and avoid scenarios where they will be left alone.


A high score means you are an energetic person. You have a motivated attitude, and you love to pursue your dreams. You are a highly infectious person. People love being around you. You are passionate about your life and enjoy your work. You may influence others from your personality.

Centre of attention

If you score high in extraversion, you are most likely to be noticed by people around you. You tend to have the capability to push people towards yourself. You have a vibrant personality that attracts the crowd. 


Getting a high score in the extraversion personality trait is a sign that you have excellent engagement power. It shows that it is easy for you to connect with people and grow with them. You can have, or maybe you already have, since you have such a high score in extraversion a big social circle and you can converse easily with all of them. 


Getting a high score in extraversion says, it would be easy for you to adapt to new surroundings, travel and meet new people. You can easily adjust to the new environment. You have a versatile personality and can modify your behaviour according to the needs of the situation. 

Correlation between High Extraversion Score and Relationships 

Being an extrovert, you have a great chance to develop good relationships. Moreover, you can make it healthy with your ability to understand people. You can make people attracted to you with your joyful nature and your friendliness. 

People with high scores in extraversion are funny and optimistic. They have a magnetic personality. It is easy for them to impress people and make new bonds.

As fun and optimistic as this trait is, it is necessary for you to understand that there could be side effects too. People high on extraversion are gullible and easy to take advantage of. There can be times when people come into your life to take advantage of you. 

It will help if you stay alert and aware of such people. Make sure you do not open up with just everyone and anyone. Make sure you know a person well before doing any favour to them or sharing your personal information and experiences with them.

You possess such a good trait and a wonderful personality, make sure you do use it adversely and not let others use you negatively, make it worth living up to the true values of this personality trait and succeed in life. 

Correlation Between High Extraversion Score and Career

If you score high in extraversion, you perform great in jobs. A job that gives you the chance to interact with a lot of people is likely the most suitable one for you. 

A high score means you are an energetic person, this will help you excel in your career. It could make people listen to you, and at the workplace, this is one significant advantage. Also, it will be easy for you to network and find better opportunities.

Public speaking, teaching, marketing, sales, politics, performing arts (acting, dancing, singing) etc. may be the best-suited career options for people scoring high in extraversion. “Communication is the key to any global business.” So, extroverts can reach massive heights in any business because of their effective communication skills. If you use your qualities in the right way, they may lead to great success in your professional life.

Level of Extraversion

Having a Medium Extraversion Score Means

A medium score shows that you do not hate the company of people, but do like some solitude once in a while. Getting a medium score in extraversion reflects your personality as:


People who score medium in extraversion are peaceful. Such people are calm and friendly. They need space when they are sad but do not entirely cut off from others. They can handle pressure and stressful situations efficiently. 


Medium scorers can survive a social gathering, which can exhaust them but not make them run away. Such people are a bit flexible and can mould themselves according to the need of surrounding. Their adjusting nature makes them resourceful. 


If your score is medium in extraversion, you have a balanced lifestyle. You lie between the two extremes, so you reflect qualities of both; extroverts and introverts. You have a lifestyle, not much into it but not far away. You may not find some stimuli in the company of others, but you do not repent it as well, which makes it a bit normal for you. 

Medium Extraversion Score and Relationships 

Having a medium score makes you fall under such a category where you find it easy to sustain a huge crowd and work well in silence as well. As far as relationships are concerned, medium scorers can maintain decent relationships. Being a medium scorer can get you some time to decide who is right for you and who is not. Hence you can distinguish people who you need to scurry away from and the ones you need to keep. You can maintain balanced and healthy relationships.

Medium Extraversion Score and Career

Your medium score in extraversion reflects that you can have excellent career opportunities. If you keep yourself extraverted at the right time and build a good network and present yourself well. If you stay on the lower end of extraversion, when any such opportunity strikes, you may lose it. Hence you must understand all those conditions when you need to stay on the higher end and when to stay on the lower end. You lie between the higher and lower ends of extraversion, and sometimes you may fluctuate to only one side. All you need to do is make sure you are aware when to be on which end.

Low Extraversion Score

A low score in extraversion shows that you like to stay inside, get your work done by yourself and then do something like ‘Netflix and chill’ or a ‘date with your book’ or maybe ‘why not try the new game on Xbox’ rather than going out.

If you score low in extraversion, you might be:


A person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people is known as a recluse. Low scorers in extraversion prefer spending time alone. Large gatherings, social events, family functions or we can say anything that involves people makes you uncomfortable. When you go to such things, all you want is to exit as soon as possible. You enjoy your own company and don’t need people to entertain you.


People who have low scores in extraversion tend to be competitive. You hate losing and want to be the best. Low scorers are self-confident and have a winning attitude. Such people make efforts to win what they desire.


Low scorers in extraversion are highly focused. They are very attentive and have high engagement power, have adequate concentration power and do not get distracted easily. They are also mindful and prefer working in quiet.


If you score low in extraversion, it is tough for you to share your emotions or thoughts. You like to stay in the corner and enjoy the moment. You are emotionally stable and self-sufficient. Low scorers generally hold back your opinions and prefer to keep them to themselves.

Impact of Low Extraversion Scores on Relationships

Low scores have the most impact on your relationships. Introverts are good at maintaining one on one relationship with people. They are generally considered as a tortoise in relationships. They take a long time to open up. When they go to social gatherings, all they want is to exit as soon as possible.

Your closed-off personality could drive some good people away from you. Hence always be aware of people who care for you. It would help if you learned some extraversion qualities to maintain better relationships.

Low Extraversion Scores and Career Growth

People who have such low scores tend to be competitive and focus more on individual growth. You can choose careers where you have to deal with a minimal number of people and work individually, not in teams. There are multiple career opportunities that could fit your criteria. Though this quality could get you places, once in an organization, you need to implement collective growth also. 

It is good that you enjoy your own company and don’t need people to entertain yourself, but there is a dire need to learn networking for accumulative career growth. And hence, you need to work on your social skills, to network and attract more people, for better career growth, even in career options that do not require much extraversion; a medium score would be appreciable.

Thus, Concluding…

All the score sets and their description would have given you a basic idea about extraversion. You can get more information about extraversion by reading a detailed guide on extraversion. Also, you can take other big five personality traits tests to know more about your personality and what type of personality you have.

However, for a normal human being, it is very much unlikely to maintain a good score in all the other personality traits of the big five model, a medium score in all of them is a possibility, but a high score in all of them is not a possibility.

You Can Give Extraversion Personality Test on HelloSkills App to know your extraversion scores and work where you lack to improve your personality. 

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