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Morality Test – Check Your Morality Quotient & Intelligence

Morality is the virtue of being able to distinguish between right and wrong. Morality Quotient is the measure of your ability to do the right thing, even in the most trying times. A sub-part of the Agreeableness Trait in The Big Five Personality Traits Model, morality is the quality of being righteous. Big Five aims at understanding the human psyche by understanding the extent of particular traits and their sub-traits present in a person. What you do in a situation is highly dependent on your morality quotient.

Therefore, taking a test to approximate where you stand on the spectrum will help you introspect.

Morality, morals, and ethics are highly subjective. What may be wrong for you might be entirely justified to someone else? However, we all are, to some extent, aware of the nature of our actions. This is where your morality quotient comes in to help you make the right decision.

What Is Morality?

Morality, in simple words, is the act of doing the right thing.

It is very beneficial to have moral values because they help us build a healthy image in front of others and people connected to us. Only when a person exhibits certain moral values, they are deemed trustworthy.

Someone who displays a lack of moral fiber is, generally, considered someone not to be associated with.

Moral Values are an essential aspect of one’s personality. They are the principles one uses to distinguish right from wrong. To much surprise, they aren’t a subject/chapter you studied when you were young. Moral values cannot be molded based on your conditions or situation. They are set and should be applied kept in mind, irrespective of your situation.

What Is Morality Quotient?

As stated earlier, it is the measure of your ability to do the right thing.

Imagine a situation where you have two choices: One wrong but easy to follow through and another which is right but difficult. What would you choose?

Throughout your life, you’ll find yourself at crossroads like these several times. Sometimes you’ll be able to do the right thing and sometimes you won’t. It all depends on how much your principles and values mean to you. Your morality quotient helps you identify where you draw the line, what choice would you make in a difficult situation.

The morality quotient measures your ethical, loyal and honest behavior. It shows the presence or the absence of virtue in one’s behavior. The morality quotient plays a significant role in building strong relationships. Morally healthy people tend to have compelling notions and tend to stick by them, come hell or high water.

Morality Quotient HelloSkills

The implication of moral virtues in your personal and professional life could sky-rocket your performance, and the morality quotient helps you understand where you lack moral virtues.

What Makes One Moral? | Factors determining Morality Quotient

It is quite evident that to measure a person’s Morality Quotient Score. We gauge their capacity to stick to Moral Values. Some qualities that come under Morality Quotient are:


Having impartial behavior, which does not involve any discrimination or favoritism, is fair. While choosing between the right and the wrong thing, justice helps to take a just decision.


Morality is about having good behavior. Hence, kindness plays a significant role to define your moral quotient. Kindness reflects a person’s generosity, friendliness, and consideration towards others.


People who exhibit morality do not hold things against people. They readily forgive others for their doings. Forgiveness helps to measure a person’s selflessness, which is also another trait of morality.

There are many other factors like empathy, compassion, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, patience, etc. that are taken into consideration while measuring the morality quotient. Once you know your morality quotient score, you can understand the need to improve it, because good virtues can help you achieve better in life.

Meaning Of Morality Quotient Score

Morality quotient scores will help you to understand how much you need to nurture your moral values to stand firm and achieve big things in life.

The morality quotient scores are divided into three categories: high, low, and medium. Your scores will settle into one of these categories and help you understand your morality quotient’s meaning and what improvements you need to make in your personality.

Morality Quotient Pie Chart

High Morality Quotient

Having a high morality quotient reflects the presence of conscience and empathy in you. It shows you have great self-control, which helps you put the right thing before your selfish interest.

You are a kind and loyal person who is always respectful about others’ feelings. Learning from others is an enjoyable process for you. You believe in fairness and don’t become biased towards people close to you.

However, you may face difficulties while taking such moral decisions, and you may lose people.

Irrespective of that, some will still stay with you; those will be the right ones to be surrounded by. You have a great tendency to be a leader.

Qualities of a highly Moral Person:

  • Kindness
  • Conscientious
  • Empathetic
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Unbiased

Medium Morality Quotient

Medium scorers have good moral virtues and behavior but tend to get biased in certain situations.

Moreover, having a medium morality quotient means can distinguish between right and wrong most of the time, but it is difficult for you to follow your moral virtues. You are prone to molding your virtues a bit to turn things in your favor. This indicates an absolute lack of loyalty. This means that you have a working moral compass but lack the motivation to follow it.

You may call it practical behavior, and in certain situations, you need to be practical more than moral. It is okay, but you need to be mindful of your actions.

Low Morality Quotient

People with having low moral quotient may be insecure about their feelings. They do not find it easy to put up their voice for the right thing, and due to this at times, such people are considered to have low moral values.

Low moral values are nothing but illusions to satisfy oneself. You can achieve anything by being on the wrong side. Things may temporarily prosper but will fall sooner or later.

Having a low morality quotient makes you vulnerable to being misunderstood by people who have high moral values. You tend to be very competitive and do not easily open up to new ideas. The low moral quotient can be turned to high or at least medium by practicing a few moral values.

It is okay to be a bit practical, but it is necessary to have a good set of moral values to live an efficient and respectful life.


“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”-Mark Twain

To sum up, it may be easier to succeed in life by bending or breaking your morals. However, it is easier to accept yourself when you know you are doing the right thing. Morality is more about the self rather than the outside. It is your loyalty to yourself which further translates to your loyalty to others. High, low or medium score, you can always work yourself for your growth and satisfaction.

Take a test, find your score and know yourself better now!

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