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All About INTP Personality Type | 16 Personality – Logician

INTP Personality type or Logicians possess introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving traits. The INTP likes to do and remain extraordinary in a crowd. They strive to do things that are different and out of the box, perhaps why they are a rare personality making up only 3% of the world’s population. 

INTPs are known to be flexible thinkers (T), and they usually have an unconventional approach to different aspects of life. They have a willingness to experiment using their creativity to find solutions or invent new things. 

One can also define an INTP’s life as an ongoing inquiry about the mysteries of the world. They tend to spend most of their time seeking understanding, exploring concepts, and making insightful connections. 

About INTPs – INTP Personality Type Characteristics

INTP is a reserved, shy, and introverted (I) personality. They prefer to socialize in small groups and have few people in their inner circle with whom they share their connections and interests. 

They have their own sets of beliefs and ideals (N) on which they work and see through the world. As they possess the thinking (T) trait, they analyze the data, which are highly logical and based on carefully thought objectives before making any decision. 

They tend to look at the bigger picture rather than getting stuck at the tiny details. They think about theoretical concepts and perceive (P) things logically.

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Logician Strengths – INTP Personality Type 

The qualities people possess naturally are scopes for that person to polish and put them to proper use. Strengths are the reflection of a person and the capabilities they have to encourage them to do the greater good. 

Here are a few strengths INTP personality type possess:

INTP have Analytical Brilliance

INTPs may seem all quiet and calm on the outside, but there resides an intellectual prowess in their minds. As an INTP, you have a fantastic ability to think faster and logically. There is so much happening in the brains of an INTP that they quickly analyze connections between various pieces of information. 

As INTP, they see the world as a big complicated machine, and hence they try to interrelate things and analyze connections. They come out with a flawless explanation for every kind of problem which others might find difficult to comprehend.

They are Honest and Straightforward

INTPs don’t believe in telling sweet lies or being dishonest to get an advantage over someone. They are probably one of the most disingenuous people in the room. 

Thinkers will tell you exactly how they are feeling or thinking without a single strand of manipulation. They respect people who appreciate and reciprocate the same as truth is the most important factor to them. 

After all, knowing and saying two different things shakes the trust of people and INTPs don’t find it to be a great virtue.

INTP give Importance to Objectives in Life

INTP is known for its pursuit of truth, understanding, and objectivity. One of the main goals of their life is to channel their energy and knowledge to root out problems and eliminate any possible inconsistencies. 

INTPs open-mindedness, creativity, and analysis is a tool that helps them become a conduit for honesty and truth which they express for bringing transparency in lives. INTP not only find this exciting but also as a responsibility to make the world a better place to live. 

INTP is Original and Imaginative

As an INTP, you are gifted with an ability to see things naturally, which most people can’t because you have an imagination that is focused on future possibilities and potentials. 

INTPs are known for making connections by various pieces of information, which they can do because of their unrelenting imagination. INTP’s strong imaginative power allows them to innovate and experiment with new things.

INTP are Often Very Enthusiastic

INTPs might come as an introvert and a private person. But when someone around them talks on a topic which might pique their interest, they can become very enthusiastic. 

They start liking that person’s company and even become a fun person to be around. It takes the right company for INTP to show their side, which shows imaginative humour and becomes playful. 

Logician Weaknesses – INTP Personality Type

A few shortcomings or not being perfect in a few skills don’t make you less of an achiever. All one needs to do is work on them and upgrade their skills. After all, life is all about trying and succeeding, right? 

Here are a few shortcoming or weaknesses of INTP-type personality:

They are Very Private

INTP is introvert (I) by nature. They are very shy, and this quality might also persist in their social setting. While it is true that the intellect of INTP knows no bound, their thoughts might get disturbed even by the slightest disturbance in the surrounding. 

They might like to keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves strictly. Situations which pushes them to more social exposure like parties or conferences might exacerbate this further. 

They trust their close or inner circle and might feel comfortable to share things with them.

INTP is Not very Emotional or Sensitive

INTP is often lost in its own logical and analytical world. They are most likely to forget or make any emotional connection with the people around them. 

While intelligent and creative INTP might think they can solve different worldly problems, dealing with emotions might confuse them a lot.

 INTPs mostly think from their heads than from their hearts; this might be difficult in circumstances that involve people, especially sensitive ones. Their focus on logic and facts might end up making them distant from making personal connections.

They are Very Condescending

INTP-type personalities are analytical and rational. They can solve and understand the logic of almost every problem they come across. Naturally, they take pride in it, as well. 

They like to make others familiar with new things as well but sometimes in the process; they might get frustrated or unintentionally belittle someone in the process of simplifying things. Their pursuit of truth and objectivity is commendable, but sometimes in the process, they might lose patience. 

INTP must understand that at the end of the day, it is not always the logic that controls the world; emotions and feelings play an essential role as well. 

They are Always Found Second Guessing

Understanding one’s potential and striving to perform better is of excellent quality. INTP is open to new information and the correction of ideas. They are usually very confident about their potential and might think their skills and output can improve if they practice more. 

This makes it difficult for them to settle for a final decision, and they can spend indefinite time in revising. INTP might delay or even quit before they begin because of such indecisiveness and difficulty in committing to decisions. 

They are Often Absent-Minded

When something exciting and intriguing captures the mind of an INTP, everything else, even the obvious, becomes oblivious to them. They might become forgetful, and miss other important factors owing to their new interest. 

Even though they are intellectual and high-minded if they are caught up in their brains, they tend to forget lesser essential tasks. So if the new project from an INTP laboratory has got them all excited, it won’t come as a surprise if they failed to pay their electricity bill or attend the society’s meeting. 

But making a small to-do list or writing a note on the refrigerator will only make your life easier, right?

How are INTP in Various Relationship?

The professional and personal life of a person expects different efforts and expectations. When people willingly fulfil their responsibilities towards various relationships, they come out to be successful.

The personality of a person portrays a glimpse of how the person going to be in a particular connection, and here is how a:

INTPs as a Friend

INTP is a rare personality, and so is their unique motivation for making friends. They like to stay in a company where just like them, the people around prize intellect the most. 

If you and your INTP friend share common interests and a train of thoughts, your journey of friendship will go a long way. INTP friendship is mostly about sharing logic, ideas, concepts, and theories. 

They don’t like small talks or meaningless communications. They are very reserved and only prefer to converse about things they find meaningful. 

While INTP may not be your first choice to take your emotional baggage, they will provide years of understanding and mind-stimulating ideas.

INTPs as a Partner

INTPs have an interesting mixture of traits when it comes to romantic relationships. They are clever and independent partners. When they meet someone with whom they find sharing romantic thoughts are appropriate, they show their fun, excited, and enthusiastic side. 

They like sharing ideas and intellect with their partners and would involve these aspects in their relationship as well. So if on your date night instead of getting surprises and candle night dinner you find a box of scrabble, puzzle, and a sci-fi movie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Nonetheless, INTP is fiercely loyal and passionate towards its partners.

INTPs as a Parent

INTP are devoted parents who help their children become independent and competent to face the complex challenges of life. This means they may not be able to understand why their child is upset for not winning a science competition. 

They will most definitely help them make a model next time which improves their chances of winning. They struggle with understanding the raw emotions and irrationality of young children. 

However, they will encourage them to act and think independently, seek new knowledge and raise voice to defend their opinions.

Insights into INTP Career and Workplace Habits

Yearly earning INTP

INTPs in Career

The INTP is independent and like working in solidarity. They have a passion for theoretical methods and ideas, creativity, and innovative spirit. 

While corporate positions or careers which demand emotional connections may not be their best match, finding a suitable position as a mathematician, career scientist or system analyst may match their personality. Careers in forensic, law and laboratory research are desirable as well. 

INTPs in the Workplace

INTP demand a workplace that ensures solidarity and intellectual stimulation. When working as a subordinate, thinkers are hard-working, resourceful and innovative. They can solve any complex problem in front of them. 

As a colleague, INTPs may not indulge much in socializing, but they are usually good at insightful and unbiased interpretations of others. 

At the position of a manager, an INTP will not boss around people and allow them to develop their theories and concepts. However, they have high-standards and therefore expect their subordinates to provide equally good results and grasp insights instantly.

Conclusion – INTP Personality Type

INTP are proud owners of vivid imagination and superior intellect, which helps them overcome obstacles. While their analytical mind and strategic thinking can help them face worldly practical problems, they might want to work on their emotional connections. 

This will help them in making more meaningful and deeper connections in their social life. As they add up to a rare type of personality, they must try to work on their shortcomings and keep upgrading their positive qualities to add value and make the world a better place.

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