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All About INTJ Personality Type | 16 Personality – Architects

An INTJ Personality Type or Architect is an intellectual, a mastermind, and an analytical problem solver. An INTJ is a person with an introvert (I), intuitive (N), thinking (T), and judging (J) type personality traits. 

As a rare personality type, which adds to only 2% of the world population, their brains continuously analyze things, and they love to share and gain knowledge from people around them.

INTJs might come out as an over-achiever but still choose to stay away from the spotlight as an introvert (I). INTJ approach life with their thoughtful analysis and study about the world around them. They have their belief system, based on analysis and intellect, making them intuitive (N). 

INTJs are attracted to a logical system, and every decision is made only after thinking (T) while using insights and logic. The INTJ carefully plan and organize (J) things in order and might try to avoid rushing to make decisions.

About INTJs – INTJ Personality Type Characteristics

As INTJ have judging traits (J) in their personality, they are very organized and structured in their approach to any situation and plan meticulously. It helps them succeed and fulfill both personal and professional goals. 

Very confident and ambitious, they set goals and pursue them with full strength. They focus on the larger picture and might ignore minute details in the process.

 Having a chance, an INTJ would like to work alone on a project as they seek independence and autonomy. This doesn’t mean they dislike group work but would like to get in tune with someone who has the same level of ability and intelligence. 

INTJ have an intuition (I) trait in their personality; they also believe in their strong intuition and see how things get connected with specific situations. INTJ like to spend time alone and introspect. 

They feel happy and productive when engaged in some energizing tasks like finding solutions to a problem or analyzing a specific situation. INTJs world is about a lot of strategy and generating ideas. They love to imagine hypothetical situations and solving them. 

While spending a lot of time in their mind, they might give less attention to the emotional side. This is one problem they might face to connect with people and understand their perspective.

Architects Strengths – INTJ Personality Type 

While one can learn some good qualities through practice or inculcating specific qualities over time, some positive qualities come naturally to certain people. 

For example, being kind to animals or just being compassionate enough to share food. Some people are taught this at a young age, and some are just born with such instincts. Here are some strengths INTJs possess:

INTJ - Conscientiousness


INTJ Have A Fast Strategic Mind

INTJ have a never-dying hunger for knowledge and opportunities to learn things. They usually have sharp minds that crave chances to improve insights and expertise. INTJ has a flexible and strong strategic thinking (T) ability. 

They are always curious and like to challenge their intellect. INTJ may not follow a single vision perspective to a challenge or a problem; instead, they see things from different angles. Their strategic mind helps them creatively plan out solutions for unforeseen possibilities. 

INTJ doesn’t freak out or lose mind when they come across a problem; instead, they put their fast and strategic sense to use and overcome it.

They Have A Strong Determination

Feeling daunted or confused on the face of a challenge or a problem is usually a normal human tendency. This is where INTJs prove out to be different. 

INTJ usually feel excitement or exhilaration when a challenge is thrown in front of them. They take such situations as a platform to showcase their bravery and strategic ability to solve problems. Everything INTJ put their head into is done with utmost determination and steadfastness. 

INFJs put in long hours of hard work and intense efforts and strive to accomplish tasks as well. They trust their judgments (J) and have faith in themselves to encounter personal and professional fronts’ challenges. 

They Are Open Mind and Have Willingness to Learn

INTJ might believe that their mind is their temple, and they keep it open for every kind of idea. They deeply analyse these ideas. When they are convinced that a particular idea or solution is worth moving forward with, they advocate them well. 

INTJ may not like rigid rules and regulations being enforced on them. But when these rules favour the greater good and add societal values, they might vouch for them. INTJ doesn’t seek change and knowledge only from external factors or people. 

Be it learning a new course on the internet or learning how to stitch a button; they quite willingly and diligently make an effort to learn it. 

INTJ are Decisive and Extremely Independent

The INTJ has complete faith in their beliefs, ideology, and knowledge (N). An INTJ is a very confident personality.

 Their confidence in their logic, creativity, and analytical mind helps them stand on their feet and take responsibility for their actions. This makes space for a simple and clear communication style, which isn’t held back by others’ expectations. 

They don’t wait for someone’s approval on their idea. When they are confident about it, they move forward and promote it with full pride. 

They Are Innovative and Perfectionist

As INTJ, they are open to new ideas and receptive to change. This helps them to enhance their problem-solving skills and upgrade their insights and knowledge. 

INTJs firmly believe that every person or process or system has the potential to improve. Therefore, to bring such improvement or change, they put their creative and logical mind to use. 

INTJ also can use their sheer willpower and solving skills to do almost anything they set their minds on. It won’t be wrong to say they can hack any problem life throws at them. 

They learn any system very quickly and then use those ideas wherever needed. Nothing is impossible for them to learn about the IT system coding or cooking a seven-course meal.

Architects’ Weaknesses – INTJ Personality Type

One can define weaknesses as a small deficit of strength. It’s important to remember that flaws are not unfixable and that if one wishes to, they can improve it. Understanding the weaknesses form the foundation for strong personality development. 

Here are some weaknesses based on your personality: 

INTJ are Emotional Distance

INTJ conceptualizes the world based on logic and rational thinking. They are usually busy with continuous analysis and strategic thinking. This could be a reason as to why one might have little patience and understanding of the emotional concerns of others.

 They may face problems to pick emotional cues as they are introverts (I) and keep people at arm’s length. However, INTJ is also learners, and learning from prior mistakes or experiences can always yield positive results.

They Can be Extremely Judgemental

 INFJs work strictly on their beliefs and thought processes, and they have confidence in it as these are theoretically correct. What INTJ might miss is that the world does not solely work on theory.

 Things might have completely different implications when practically applied. As in the practical world, emotions, history, and other factors are also involved; branding these factors as unimportant may not be right. 

Just like INTJ keeps an open mind in learning new things, having an open mind will take them a long way.

INTJ Are Extreme Perfectionist

While going into the intricacies of an issue and working on it till it gets solved, it’s a beautiful quality to have; too much of anything can be harmful. INTJs are naturally fastidious and might try to find perfection in things that may not be of much significance. 

This may get painstaking at the work front and in personal relationships, especially for the people who don’t take criticism in the right way. INTJ must understand that little flaw in the world also adds up to perfection.

INTJ Are Overly Analytical

INTJ’s analytical mind is both a strength and weakness for them, depending upon how they put it to use. Every relationship expects a different kind of need. While an analytical mind does wonders at the workplace where they are expected to put it to use. 

The same thing might become a boon for the INFJs in personal relationships as they might resist explanations. Their analytical mind may become critical and picky even for people close to them, leading to bitterness in relationships.

They are Often Imbalanced

INTJ love to learn and upgrade their skills. They put their analytical brain to use, and this brings wonders in their professional lives. They spend most of the time on this, eventually becoming a workaholic. This might strike an imbalance as they may not spend as much time with their family or beloved ones.

INTJ must know that it’s home where they need to return at the end of the day, and giving equal time will help them maintain the right work-home relationship.

How is an INTJ in Various Relationships?

Personality plays a role in defining the closeness, and compatibility one will have on various fronts of their personal and professional relationships. The personality traits have implications on the success or failure of a person’s career and their roles as a parent, friend, or life partner. 

Below we have mentioned possible behavioural pattern one might expect from an INTJ personality: 

INTJ as a Friend

Fiercely loyal people who love to keep their circle small, INTJ believe in close friendships and care a lot about their family and friends. Initially, INTJs might find it challenging to connect emotionally with people. Still, when they do, they make such connections seriously and always touch and interact regularly.

 Having an INTJ as a friend, they will work hard to achieve your dreams along with theirs. Sometimes there could be a strain in a relationship due to a lack of emotional connection, and they might get harsh. But it should be understood that it’s their way of expressing care. 

They don’t believe in tossing people or taking sides, believing in their values, and taking their connections seriously. They will not point out your problems without having any logical meaning. 

INTJ should communicate more to avoid any misunderstandings and be sensitive to other people as they believe in being direct with people close to them.

INTJ as Partner

INFJs are logical personalities who are open and honest communicators. In a romantic relationship, they might find it difficult to connect on personal lines. But when they do, they will be very loyal and put in a lot of effort to make things work. 

INTJ can work through difficult situations effectively with its rational approach and by knowing the root cause. They will prove to be an enthusiastic and compassionate partner while giving a considerable amount of freedom to the other half. 

INTJ might find it difficult to express feelings as they might keep thinking about it in their mind. As they are known for planning strategy, they usually figure out how situations can work in everyone’s favour, even the act of falling in love.

INTJ as Parent

INTJ personality type  is a focussed personality who believe in achieving their goals with a lot of planning and tend to stay in this zone all the time in their mind. Because of this quality, they might not pay much attention to having children. But when they do, they plan and take the responsibilities seriously. 

Children will be brought up in a secure and healthy environment. However, they might find it tough to connect with children emotionally. When decided, they will research effective ways to increase their emotional intelligence as they believe it is required for children and their growth. 

INTJ understands the importance of independence and autonomy for their children’s growth. But they will make sure that the children are brought up with proper discipline. Others will often praise this quality. INFJs would enjoy the company of kids as they have a child-like streak towards different situations.

Insights into INTJ Career and Workplace Habits

INTJ popluation chart

INTJs in Career

INTJ value knowledge and efficiency and have high standards for performance in their workplace. Often because of this quality, they climb the ladder to high positions successfully. Driven to create structure and order, they are future-oriented and good at making projections. 

They tend to be reserved and calm, prefer to work alone, and love to explore options; they like to create their structure and stick to it. INTJ will thrive in areas like scientists, professors, corporate strategists, organisational builders, military leaders, attorneys, and computer programmers.

INTJs in the Workplace

INTJs are brilliant when it comes to grasping complex theories and applying them to their futuristic planning. They are most effective when given a lot of autonomy in their work. INTJ like their workplace to be organised and scheduled but might reject them if they are illogical and limit their freedom. 

They focus on the future and will tend to avoid the places which focus on the past. They use their logic and analytical mind to analyse the underlying pattern in the issue and correct it. Open to criticism, INTJ does not get emotional about a problem and will work through it to rectify it. 

But they dismiss the criticism if it is irrelevant to them. The only setback in work is connecting people emotionally and would prefer to be direct with the issues. Colleagues might find this quality harsh, but it will become easy for them to work in groups if worked upon it.

Are you an INTJ? Give the INTJ Personality Type Test Now!

INTJ Personality Type is armed with unbeatable strategic thinking ability and an analytical mind that can manoeuvre through any obstacle. They have unconstrained rationalism and a thirst for knowledge, which makes them feel confident about themselves. 

However, the world is not as theoretical as you might assume it to. They are most likely to face hiccups when they are required to deal with the emotions of themselves and others. But this doesn’t have to be the case always. 

If INTJ tries to make fruitful efforts towards building a more stable emotional quotient, they can have a fulfilling life coupled with close connections and a sharp mind.

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