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All About INFP Personality Type | 16 Personality – Mediator

INFP indicates Introverted (I), iNtuitive (N), Feelings (F) and Perceiving (P) traits of a personality. People with INFP personality types are generally called Mediators or Idealists and genuinely enjoy spending time with their selves. Mediator Personality Type base their principle, ideologies and decisions based on concepts or ideas. This might make them more prone to emotional decision making.

While great for personal relationships, emotional choices can, at times, take their toll at work. 

INFPs can also be spontaneous and might indulge in spur of the moment plans and not scheduling things in advance. This makes them very perceiving of the environment around them. The INFP personality is such that they look for hints and strands of goodness in everything. Sprinkling kindness and joy everywhere they go. 

This rare kind of personality adds up to only 4% of the total population. They are a unique blend of two essential yet contrasting qualities of being true idealists who are calm and extremely private but also have an inner flame of passion igniting all the time. 

About INFPs – INFP Personality Type Characteristics

INFP can be perceived as a calm and reserved personality who gets charged when they spend time alone. They like to explore ideas and love understanding complex issues. Sometimes INFP might feel exhausted in-crowd, so they might prefer to keep friends circle small. 

INFP believe in having a deep and valuable friendship. They tend to focus on larger pictures instead of small details. An INFP might face difficulties in having everyday communication, but they do to communicate with their work, indirectly. 

Their personalities might use metaphors, parables, or write poems, and maybe sketch to communicate their true-self. INFP tend to drive in deep thoughts and visualise hypothetical situations. This might make them wander and lose touch with reality and often needs a pullback by close ones. 

As an INFP, they are kind and spontaneous personality who look at other people most positively. In group work, an INFP personality doesn’t believe in just completing the task, rather understanding others ideas and working together gives them immense pleasure. 

INFP are easy-going and harmonious; they like to go along with others, but not when their values and principles are violated. 

Idealists Strengths – INFP Personality Type 

A significant part of the actions depicted or qualities people possess is because of their personality. The skills and qualities both good and bad ones when combined make up the personality of a person. 

Based on natural characteristics here are some strengths INFP-type personality possesses.

Mediator Personality Type Value Harmony

An INFPs believe in their values and principles. They usually don’t run after money and fame but consider that your hard work will eventually yield results. They neither intend to gain power over others. As an INFP, they like working in harmony with colleagues, friends and family. 

The main concern is usually to ensure that the perspective and voice of everyone is heard. A domineering attitude is something one might not expect from them. As an INFP, one can observe them working hard to establish harmony on all the fronts of life. 

INFP have Integrity 

As an INFP, the real meaning of integrity is to do the right thing, even after knowing that people might never know or appreciate the things they did. The integrity of every kind is imperative for them, be it intellectual or moral.

They have a profoundly reflective nature, and this allows them to transcend the horizons of imagination. This might help them discover new solutions to old problems. There can be no denial that the integrity of an INFP is a productive trait, and it adds value to society.

Idealists Work Extremely Hard 

It is often seen as how people tend to give up or lose hope when going gets tough. As INFP, they are those who is exceptionally hardworking and completes the task with utmost dedication. They have a far-reaching vision that helps pass through every situation.

Employment status for INFP

When they know what they are doing, and it is meaningful and is doing a greater good for society, a sense of purpose sets in and they get encouraged to accomplish those tasks.

They have a lot of Empathy and can Compromise

When given a chance to meet and get surrounded by people who value harmony and empathy, INFP feels at peace. It is like a soothing balm for their soul. Be it a family setting or workplace, an INFP shows interest in the ideas and viewpoints of everyone and values them as well.

They make sure a fair hearing is given. As an INFP, they advocate cooperation and honesty as they believe there is nothing difficult when everyone walks together.

They are Flexible and Open-minded

INFP are someone who works on their ideas and beliefs. There are chances they might not be comfortable when it comes to working under constrained circumstances. An attitude of living and letting live comes to them naturally. 

As an INFP, they also give others the benefit of the doubt. This means supporting others to do things according to their ideas and beliefs. They are open-minded and flexible in that way. But at the same time, they also make sure that this doesn’t happen at the cost of their principles and ideas getting challenged or under-estimated.

Mediator Personality Type Weaknesses 

The other attribute which constitutes the personality of a person is their weaknesses. It is an opportunity for people to upgrade their personality and overcome shortcomings. 

It is important to note that these weaknesses don’t define you as a person, and these are to be seen just as an opportunity. After all, just like life, a person can’t be perfect right?

Idealists can be Selfless

You might be wondering how being selfless could be a weakness? As a matter of fact, this might be the case sometimes. INFP is kind enough to think about others. This might sometimes make things difficult for them as they might end up neglecting their feelings. 

It is true that as an ideal person, one must keep others at peace. But that might keep becoming a herculean task if insecurities are bottled up for too long. But focusing on communication and making sure you can communicate your feelings can be very helpful. 

After all, not having any bottled up bad feelings is the key to long and happy relationships, isn’t it? 

They can be Very Private

An introvert INFP is always there for the people in need; he/she listens to them and knows them inside out. But when it comes to an INFP himself, it doesn’t always stand true. As an INFP, they might become extremely private and reserved. 

It gets challenging for even their close circle, family and friends to get to know them. Many times the people around only get to see the tip of an iceberg and cannot apprehend the depth of their personality or feelings. 

The reason being, they can only know things which you want them to know. But this quality might make them feel guilty as well, for not opening up as much as you want to for people they care about. However, as an intuitive personality, they know whom to trust and choosing to open up to the inner circle or family will make things easier for them.

INFP are Very Sensitive

As an INFP, they value originality, commitment, compassion and sensitivity towards others. It helps to construct a valuable interface for interpersonal landscapes. However, INFP might feel vulnerable and delusional at times. 

The reasons can be plenty. INFP as a perceiving (P) trait is spontaneous and enthusiastic, but when they step out in the world, and people don’t reciprocate with the same energy, they might feel lethargic and depressed. They feel as though their efforts are not being appreciated. 

Nonetheless, judgements and negative opinions should not let incredible talents go to waste or be discouraged one bit. 

They can be Very Vulnerable

INFPs are compassionate to their core. INFP’s feelings are based on the heart rather than your head. While this is a wonderful quality to possess, unfortunately, the world is not as compassionate, honest and caring as them.

The caring nature of INFP might make them an easy target for manipulative people out there who think people with soft hearts are targets holding neon light attracting them. While trusting and being compassionate towards fellow mates is a great thing, INFP must make sure they are not becoming gullible. 

INFP are Extremely Altruistic

As INFP, they are very selfless and have so much to give more than they can provide. INFPs have a self-fulfilling prophecy, and this needs them to push themselves to commit to a task or person with all might. But in the process, they might forget about taking care of themselves and fulfilling their needs as well.

 Don’t forget that self-love is equally essential, and only when one feels at peace and feels good about themself, they will have much more to offer.

How is INFP in various Relationships?

The relationships of a person are very dynamic. All relationships need a different kind of effort and understanding. You cannot behave with your kids the same way you behave with your boss or vice versa. 

This is where personality traits come into play, and it gives a clearer picture of what roles a particular personality will play on different fronts of life. The social circle, personal front and workspace are three major types of relationships one deals with on almost a daily basis and here is a glimpse of: 

INFP Personality Type as a Friend

An INFP believes in making deep friendships with mutual understanding. They love to know people with their motivation and inspiration as INFP are a good listener and love to solve complex problems in the most creative way. 

They take a lot of time letting people enter their life. But once they become close, INFP will be immensely loyal and caring towards them. As INFP, they will be a warm and empathetic friend who will be compassionate towards their problems and pain. 

As a sensitive INFP, the pain of others might impact them to the point where they might want to withdraw and find it challenging to have a positive view of people. They might get well along best with NTs and NFs types as they are both intuitive types but at the same time will help you to have a different perspective about situations.

INFP Personality Type as a Partner

INFP, in their initial days of a relationship, might be cautious and slow to trust. But once sure, they will be very supportive, nurturing and fiercely loyal towards their partner. INFP are sensitive and always in tune with what their partner is feeling. 

Adaptable and easy-going, but to the point where their core values are not disturbed. Once they feel you are violated, they might become defensive and maybe stop adapting as well. INFP are an intense individual who seeks depth and authenticity in the relationship. 

As they are a prospecting type (P), who is always looking to improve your existing relationship as much as they can or establish a new one with a strong foundation. Things might get bitter in a relationship if they are rushed in the initial stages.

INFP Personality Type as a Parent

Mediator Personality Type is supportive and inspiring by nature. More than logic and productivity, they might focus on and understand people with emotions and values. This best helps them when it comes to understanding children. 

Their idealistic nature helps in imbibing and passing on strong values in their children. As an INFP parent, they will give a lot of freedom to their children to pursue their goals in their interested areas. Rules might never be enforced, and they will let kids learn from their mistakes, as they believe it is a part of their learning process.

 INFP might find it challenging to communicate when there is a difference in values with their children. For practical and structured decisions, INFP might want to rely on their partner.

Insights into INFP Career and Workplace Habits

Average salary for INFP personality


INFP Personalities in Careers

As an INFP, they love freedom and tend to expect the same when you start working. INFP thrive in areas where they can creatively express thoughts and care for people at the same time. Professions like a freelance writer, designing, social work, psychology, massage therapy or a counsellor will be suitable. 

They like to come up with original ideas and enjoy solving complex problems. Not motivated by money or status, they want to work in lines where they can bring in their values and help others. INFP prefer to work autonomously and have control over projects. 

As an INFP, it is generally said that they might like to work behind the scenes, but on the contrary, they might want to face people, know their issues. It is gratifying for INFP when they can see a positive impact on people because of them. 

INFP People at the Workplace

INFP personality type may even thrive in service-oriented industries like counsellors, therapists, and curators. At the workplace, INFP strives for a peaceful environment. In a group, they are a supportive and imaginative team member who will contribute unique ideas and also try to understand others’ viewpoints. 

INFPs are flexible and innovators who will be all ears to different viewpoints but to the point where their values are not disturbed. They would love to hear what you have done right and focus on what to do next. 

As a colleague, INFP might be easy-going, free to share ideas but at the same time, maintain a psychological distance. They might not choose sides and try to maintain harmony.  

Conclusion – INFP Personality Type

As one of the rare personality types, INFP personality type is someone who likes to live in harmony, peace and by practising your principles and beliefs. They are an introvert but also a spontaneous and adventurous person who loves to explore new ideas.

 INFPs are sensitive, altruistic, hardworking and intuitive. They show the most efficiency when they work independently. As sensitive and person with a soft heart, they always care about others even before themself, but this might not always be the right choice when it comes to personal development. 

However, as they are aware of their potential and given their pure intentions of making the world a better place, they must strive to work towards it.

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