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All About INFJ Personality Type | 16 Personality – Advocate

INFJ Personality (Introverted. Intuitive. Feeling. Judging) is a personality type referred to as the “Advocate” or the “Idealist.” The people with INFJ Personality Type are creative, gentle, and caring. INFJs are usually reserved but highly sensitive to how others feel.

You know it’s a rare occurrence when you find someone with an inborn sense of idealism and morality running in their veins. When you know, they are not daydreamers and that they are capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals. When the sole purpose of their life is to help people and not just as charity work but to make a difference in the world, such are the traits of INFJ or the advocates who are extremely rare personality types and account for less than 1% of the population. 

However, this small population is not to be underestimated as they are almost every time successful in leaving their mark in the world. INFJs have introversion, intuition, feeling and judging traits. 

Their approach to life is embedded with deep thoughtfulness and practical imagination. Their inner vision, principles and personal values guide them through all kinds of situations.

About INFJs – INFJ Personality Type Characteristics

INFJ Personalities are typical idealists with a strong focus on the future and the larger picture. They maintain pretty high moral standards when they work, which other people find it difficult to match. INFJ may appear private and reserved at once, but care about people a lot.

Personality Type INFJ

They try to help others with their problems and help them develop and grow in their goals. Because of their intuition (N) trait, they tend to make decisions based on their emotions and values. They have strong intuition and follow their gut feeling most of the time. 

INFJ Personality is creative and artistic by nature, and get energised by spending time alone, close to nature. In alone time, they like to explore ideas and may look over different problems that can be solved most creatively. They may get stressed by routine and dislike being rushed. 

When INFJ are extremely stressed, they may start to feel sorry about themself and tend to doubt their ability. Sensitive and empathetic, they would stay true to themself rather than trying to fit with the crowd. 

INFJ Strengths – Advocate Personality Type 

Every personality is unique in their ways, and have certain natural strengths and weaknesses. INFJ Personality are a unique bunch; let’s discuss some of their strengths.

INFJs are Extremely Insightful

Some people have a noble vision. They can see past through people who are dishonest or disingenuous. Be it a dubious salesperson trying to sell adulterated products or a friend with baneful motives; they can sense it all. 

Then there are people who are down-to-earth and believe in helping others with practical strategies. But INFJ strikes the perfect balance between both. INFJ see through events and people effectively and try to analyse how they are connected. 

A Determined Personality Type

The determination of INFJ Personality is rock-solid. When INFJ Personality finds something as important and worth their efforts, they can move mountains to achieve it. People around INFJ might get shocked with the conviction and energy they suddenly start investing in a particular goal set by them. 

INFJs’ passion becomes an inseparable part of them. They become highly-focused and diligent when they make up their mind about achieving or fulfilling something. INFJ think, dream and imagine about it and almost every time they achieve the things they are determined towards.

INFJs are often The Peacemaker

When it comes to hoisting the white flag, flying the white doves and raising the olive branch, there is no better person in the room other than an INFJ. They are the mediator of your group or any place with two warring parties stuck in a deadlock. 

INFJ is blessed with an astounding quality of healing and helping people with wide rifts dividing them. INFJ are an intuitive person, as well. Their intuition helps them sense the real reason behind the anger and suffering and gives a hint of the consequences that might occur if the anger is left to fester. 

INFJ are a good listener as well they carefully analyse and reach to the depth of the issue and come up with workable solutions.  

They Are Inspiring

As an advocate, INFJ believes in the things they do or say. Nothing is ever done or said in haste or confusion. They are usually quite firm about their decisions and beliefs. Therefore, when it comes to expressing or conveying it to a larger audience; it’s full of warmth and passion. 

INFJ have an inspirational style of writing and speaking which appeals to the audience, and they are more often than not able to resonate with it. People can feel the passion in their words, even more, when they are proud of what they are saying. 

INFJs are Usually Decisive

When INFJ are given a project, or they have some goal set in mind, they don’t leave it midway just because they believe in the process or destiny. INFJ work till the very end and believe the resilience, willpower and conviction in themself that can complete even the complex tasks. 

One of the main motives of life of INFJ is to overcome problems and tricky situations to bring a change in the world and make it a better place to live. Given your inspiration, insight and creativity, they can indeed create an impact on the world.

INFJ Weaknesses – Advocate Personality Type

Along with certain natural strengths, every wonderful personality gives a person certain disadvantages as well. Here are some weaknesses INFJ Personality Type usually face.

Need a Cause for Every Pursuit

As an INFJ, they are extremely focused, and every step that they take is to manoeuvre your way to achieve the goal. INFJ always want every activity they take should be a concrete step towards your pursuit. 

Whenever a cumbersome task comes up before INFJ and their vision, it’s highly unwelcomed. If they are asked to do a routine work in which they don’t see a purpose or goal, it makes them feel disappointed and restless. 

Aversion to Conflict

Conflict is something people tend to avoid, but sometimes conflicts serve a useful purpose as well. It gives all the parties in a conflict to get away with the issues for once and for all. However, INFJs intensely dislike conflicts. 

They will put in all the efforts to stop it. The INFJs must try to avoid this distorted perspective and must acknowledge the importance of an open and frank dialogue instead of assuming that all conflicts are harmful. 

Might look for Extreme Perfectionism

Finding and making an effort to carry out activities with perfection is a wonderful trait. As an advocate, INFJ do everything with utmost perfection and also want things around them to be perfect. But the world is not a perfect place. Everything and everyone has flaws. 

Be it in business, family, romantic relationships or even in themself nothing is ever infallible. But this need of them to be perfect all the time might make INFJ lose valuable relationships and opportunity because they believe there is something better waiting down the road. 

INFJs are often Very Private

 There is no doubt in the fact that INFJ are a very warm and sensitive person who cares about others. they are all ears to the woes of people and very intuitively learn about them.

INFJ Introversion vs Extroversion

But when it comes to social life, INFJ is an enigmatic person, even to their friends, family and loved ones. When they feel frustrated or want to introspect about things, they silently retreat all their social contacts and keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. 

This makes it difficult for others to understand and help them when they undergo emotional or mental turmoil. 

INFJs suffer Frequent Burnouts

It’s a normal tendency to burn out when people with INFJ Personality Type need to do tedious routine work every day. Boredom and frustration are bound to set in. Vacations, talking to friends, picnics or social gatherings are some of the very common ways through which people blow off the steam. 

But in the case of INFJs, they are extremely private and introverted; they have a dire need to follow their passion all the time, they have ideals and want things to perfect under all circumstances. All this when added up, they are left with little or no option to relax. 

As an INFJ, they frequently forget to strike a balance between your idealism and the reality of daily life. 

How is an INFJ in Various Relationship Roles?

A person’s personality greatly influences the way they behave with the people around them. Which, in turn, affects the relationships in their life. Let’s explore how an INFJs relationship affects their personality.

INFJs as A Friend

INFJ are a very reserved and private person by nature. They let very few people let into their life. INFJ tend to keep their circle small with a deep and close bond with friends. They love the idea of having a lot of friends, but then find it too tiring. 

INFJ are fiercely loyal and caring for the friends who are close to them, and they find happiness in meaningful conversation. INFJ are a warm and empathetic friend who is great at helping and giving advice and is compassionate to others’ problems and pain. 

As the dominant trait of INFJ is introversion (I), they understand people and situations in ways that others might not understand. INFJ are very picky when it comes to making friends as they value people who also share the same beliefs as them and like discussing philosophy or other meaningful subjects. 

INFJs as a Partner

In the beginning, INFJ  will be slow to trust and cautious with their partner. But over-time when their partner has gained  trust and has a stable relation, they will be fiercely loyal and committed. They have a strong set of values and are intense individual too. 

INFJ seek authenticity in a relationship. They are sensitive and always care about how their partner feels about certain situations. They are easy-going and adaptable unless one of their principles or values has been violated. INFJ tend to defend it fiercely and might become difficult and rough. 

INFJ are very supportive and nurturing to their partner. They are always looking into establishing a new one with a strong foundation or working hard on the existing one if they are sure they have found a compatible one. 

They might end a relationship quickly if they are rushed in the initial stages as they need to be sure of the partner. INFJ value kindness and patience from a partner over logic and planning. 

INFJ Personality Type as a Parent 

The parenthood journey of INFJ is full of devotion and love towards their kids. They tend to raise them to make them a wholesome, all-rounder person who is also independent and self-sufficient. They take this opportunity as a parent to learn and grow with someone who is a part of them, and they care about. 

Although INFJs are someone who dislikes conflicts when conflict arises between them and their kid, they don’t see it as a sign of failure. Its a sign of successful parenting as the kids are now capable of forming their ideas just like them. 

The dilemma arises when they push their children to act in a certain way but also feel guilty about doing so. 

Insights into INFJ Career and Workplace Habits

INFJs are usually high achievers and excel in academics and the workplace. They can be perfectionists at times and tend to put a great deal of effort into their work.

INFJs in Career

INFJ personality is motivated by their vision and ideas and tends to work will full strength. They enjoy solving complex problems as it gives them a way of solving creatively. INFJ is not driven by money or status but rather like to work in lines of helping people in need. 

INFJ like to work independently and would like to have full control over the projects they undertake. Frequently, they choose to work in a creative and artistic field, where they can express your values, altruism, and individuality.

 INFJ personality will thrive in fields like a writer, social worker, health and career counsellor, curator, physical therapist. Career options which can help them grow morally, spiritually and personality are their perfect match.

INFJs at the Workplace

At the workplace, INFJ personality is a supportive and imaginative team member and make sure that the work is completed perfectly. They do so by understanding each of their members and respecting their ideas. They are open to any point of view and don’t judge instantly. 

INFJ are a good listener who loves to solve other problems in the most creative way. They have a strong desire for harmony and peace in the environment and want mutual support and acceptance. But at the same time, this same quality may delay in taking difficult decisions. 

In leadership roles, people with INFJ Personality Type is deeply idealistic and inspiring to others. They often try to see the potential in others and try to put them in the best use. INFJ are flexible and innovative thinkers, but this may be hampered when they face judgements and negativity. 

Conclusion – INFJ Personality Type

INFJ personality is someone capable of turning their ideas and dreams into reality by planning and executing them. They truly and deeply care about people and always look for ways to make a difference in the world. However, sometimes their strong determination and idealism might work against them. 

This is when INFJ face difficulty in facing conflicts or pursuing self-realization. Having said that, when they confront things which show them their drawbacks, they tend to work on them and towards their development as well. 

INFJ personality values their relationships, be it personal or on the work front. They are capable of doing well in almost every challenge that shows up before them. As a rare personality, INFJ must keep their determination and idealism at the right place and indeed make a contribution to making the world a better place and make the most of their capabilities.

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