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Full of Life Test- Check Your Life Satisfaction & Attitude

Full of life is a personality trait that represents how high spirited, enthusiastic and joyful a person is. People who are full of life are optimistic and peacemakers. They are energetic and have a lively personality. In a nutshell, full of life means living your life to its fullest.

Are you a lively person? 

Do you feel all-time energetic?

Are you full of life?

 If you are not sure, a full of life test will help you to know your liveliness and energy level.

What is Full of Life Test?

Full of life personality trait has a significant impact on your social well being. It mainly refers to the energy levels you display from outside. These energy levels are important reasons for people getting attracted to you or distanced from you.

Full of life tests will help you to understand the level positivity you carry around and will help you to increase the levels if you are lagging. It will help you to evaluate yourself and to know how much you need to work.

Full of Life trait is as essential as any other personality trait and will help in your overall growth. Hence a high score or at least an average score in a full of life test is mandatory to maintain an excellent social life.

Full of life personality trait not only affects your social well being but also have an impact on:


Happiness is contagious. If you are happy, your loved ones will be happy. Hence, it is essential to reflect the joy in your actions and carry a positive vibe with you. Your mood influences your surroundings. So, being cheerful and optimistic will help you strengthen your relationships.

Inner Growth

You may grow from outside, with all money and fame but to grow from inside you need to maintain a balance. And for that, you need to be a little bit carefree and vibrant. You need to be full of energy to get the most of life. And if you are happy inside out, you will grow and shine from inside. 

Outlook toward Life

A free spirit does not judge; they either understand or let go. Your attitude and your perception determine the quality of your life. Having a positive outlook in life is a valuable asset and results in overall personality growth.

Work-Life balance

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” One should know how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. It would be best if you tried to stay dynamic. This will help you keep a cheerful face, while challenges chase you and disturb your balance.

What Determines your Happiness?

Many factors may influence happiness. Some are under our control while some are not.

What determines happiness?

Factors that determine your happiness include:

Your Genes

Many psychologist and researchers regard that happiness is linked with genes. It depends on the genetic makeup of an individual. Also, researchers have found hereditary relation of joy. We can say that happiness is in our genes, and one may inherit it from their parents. Hence, our genes determine 50% of our happiness.

Intentional Activity

What Sheldon and Lyubomirsky define intentional activities as “the activities we take part in as moving our happiness levels within the set range determined by our genetics and life circumstances” Our intentional actions play a significant role in determining happiness.

 The activities determine forty per cent of our happiness we engage in. This is the factor under our control; thus, we can alter our happiness by changing our thoughts and behaviours.

Life Circumstances

Life circumstances are an inevitable part of our lives and have a direct impact on our lives. Although they determine only 10% of our happiness but events like problems, setbacks, failures, or misfortune can easily make us unhappy. All we can do is accept these circumstances and focus on how we can make them better. 

Sub-Traits of Full of Life

 Sub traits are some essential characteristics that any person with a full of life personality may possess. These sub traits are:


It shows your enthusiasm to do something. People with a full of life personality tend to stay eager about everything that is happening or may happen around them. People with high eagerness are always excited about life and have high spirit, leading to a more happening life. On the other hand, low eagerness reflects a person’s lack of showing interest in anything. Such people are good at staying neutral in every situation.


 A state of being optimistic and visibly content in life is cheerfulness. People with a full of life personality are more cheerful than any other personality trait. Contrarily, people who score low in this trait are more serious and formal.


It is a quality that makes you have a warm personality, and it is easy for you to connect to people. Friendliness makes you more approachable. People with a full-of-life character are high in friendliness and can be great friends. However, people with low friendliness traits are more likely to stay away from crowds, enjoy their own company and are less approachable.

What does your score mean? 

Full of life test gives you a comprehensive view of your personality, and you get to understand the importance of having a bit energetic personality. You may score high or average or low score in this test. Your scores reflect your personality. 

High Score in Full of Life

Having a high score in Full of life test means you:

  • Tend to be active all the time
  •  Are outgoing and friendly, trying to enjoy every second of your lives. 
  • Very expressive in your thoughts and find pleasure in activities that involve more and more people. 
  • Often like to be surrounded by crowds rather than staying alone. 
  • Are always seemingly optimistic and content, trying to see the brighter side of life.

Happiness Index Score

Low Score in Full of Life

Your low score in full of life test expresses that you:

  • Are very serious about your work 
  • Have a low tendency to smile and laugh
  • Are very reserved and formal 
  •  do not dissolve in crowds easily
  • Tend to have very sober interactions and maintain composure while interacting.


Full of life trait is as essential as any other personality trait and will help in your overall growth. It is not necessary to have a high score on this facet. But it is required to have at least an average score, which kind of reflects that you are well balanced in your life and can enjoy life while maintaining a calm demeanour. 

So do take a full of life test now and know what you need to do because it’s never too late to live a little more.

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