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Give a Free Friendship Test – Check your Friendship Quotient?

Have you ever considered of giving a Friendship Test? Do you have the ability to make friends? Do you possess Friendship quality? Are you friendly enough? To get answers to these questions, you first need to check your Friendship Quotient. Friendship quotient helps you to test your ability to develop friendship and maintain healthy relationships.

Friendship is the quality of being approachable and connecting with others. Being friendly is to have a sense of connectivity, which makes it easy for a person to communicate. Every person to grow in life needs some people not always to help them through, but to motivate them also. Friendship enables you to gain such people who will be right for you to be surrounded by.

Friendship is one such quality that has a significant impact on your social connectivity. It is a personality trait which is a must-have for good social skills. Hence, every person must develop some Friendship within themselves. Friendship Quotient helps you know much about friendship in your behaviour and how you can maintain healthy, friendly behaviour.

What is a Friendship Test & Quotient?

Friendship is a derivative sub-trait of extraversion, which is a personality trait in the big five models. A person’s ability to develop friendship, maintain healthy relationships and socialize is their Friendship quotient.

Some people find it easy to befriend, communicate, enjoy around people and make people feel comfortable around them. But, not all can have friendship inbuilt; some have developed it over time, learning from others and themselves. 

Your Friendship quotient will make it easy for you to understand how friendly you are and how friendly you could be. It could also help you in understanding how to be friendly and what are the traits you need to bring up in your personality to become a friendly person.

Friendship is one of the essential personality traits for better growth in life. Hence, it becomes a necessity to know and understand your Friendship quotient. Also, if inadequate, try to improve your Friendship quotient.

How can we measure Friendship quotient?

Friendship has multiple factors associated with it. To measure friendship, we estimate a person’s all other qualities which are directly or indirectly associated with his or her friendly behaviour. Some of the significant impacts creating factors in friendship are:

How Influential Are You?

Your ability to influence people (in a positive way) towards you, with your actions and words has a significant impact on your Friendship quotient. The way you make people feel in your presence is meant to develop a good friendship. Some people enter a gathering with a pleasant smile and a caring attitude they make people want to befriend them instantly. On the other hand, others may not intend any harm and wish to make friends but do not have much ability to show that on the outside. In such cases, the former person will be called highly influential, and the later one has low influence. 

Is it Easy For You to Make a Conversation?

It is a well known saying, that communication is the key; if you can communicate your point easily, you will be able to achieve what you desire easily. But to share, you need to start the conversation, build such a conversation where you can put up your points. Communication helps to build strong relationships, especially friendship.

Do you Feel Awkward Around People?

Though this does not sound like quality for friendship, it is one such hurdle which many of us face while trying to be friendly. It is not easy for everyone to meet new people and start talking like long lost friends. 

You need to try and practice to stay calm and remove that little anxiety and negative ‘what ifs’ while meeting new people. You need to remain open while making a conversation and try to eliminate any thought about the consequences of talking to anyone.

Are you Considerate About Others?

The quality of friendship is easy to adapt if you are caring and have a warm personality. This could be possible only if you become considerate about others feelings. You should be open to understanding another person’s emotions and thoughts and try to understand and provide empathy if necessary.

Friendly vs unfriendly

Multiple other small factors are taken into consideration while checking your Friendship quotient. You will be able to understand more about Friendship and how much you need to build this quality within yourself, once you take the test for your Friendship quotient. 

What does your Friendship Test score mean?

Friendship quotient scores tell you about your level of Friendship, and once you know the score, you understand the need for improvement in your personality. The Friendship quotient scores are divided into three categories: high, medium and low. Each category represents a different personality type. 

High Score in Friendship Quotient

If you score high in Friendship quotient, people find it easy to get along with you, and you can make others comfortable.

Having High scores means that you are:

  • An amiable person
  • Easy to approach 
  • Have a good sense of understanding.
  • Can connect with others easily
  • Supportive and caring 

Medium score in Friendship quotient

Medium scorers in Friendship quotient make sure that their happiness and peace of mind stays intact. If you score medium in Friendship quotient you may:

  • Like to socialize 
  • Get involved with people, but you want to maintain a safe distance 
  • Like to help others 

Low Scores in Friendship Quotient

Low scorers generally don’t like to get involved in any such thing that may lead to them needing to connect with many people. Having a low score means you:

  • Like to stay away from people
  • Enjoy your own company
  • Lack of understanding
  • Empathy deficit


Friendship is the quality of being approachable and connecting with others. Each one of us must understand where we stand and how much change we need to bring in our personalities to have better growth in life. This can be quickly done by doing some necessary personality tests, and getting to know more about your traits, what you need to improve and what you have. Do take the Friendship quotient test and learn what your score is. 

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