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All About ESTP Personality Type | 16 Personality – Entrepreneurs / Persuaders

ESTP Personality Type or Entrepreneurs (Persuaders) means Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They are the kind of people who bring energy and life everywhere they go. They have a sense of dynamic energy with them, which gets charged up to around others (E). ESTPs mostly focus on facts and details (S) while dealing with problems or life situations. 

ESTP mainly focus on the action at the moment, which is why they use their logical thinking (T) in times of emergency. They enjoy uncovering life situations and usually have an impact on their surroundings. One can also describe the persuaders

or ESTP as the perfect piece of the puzzle as they fit in every group and with everyone. 

They enjoy being the centre of attention. They love laughing and entertaining people by keeping the conversation energetic. 

About ESTPs – ESTP Personality Type Characteristics

ESTP is known to be great conversationalists. They enjoy interacting with people and like to engage in debates and discussions. They are future-oriented and look forward to making plans for the future. 

ESTP while making a decision or before committing to an action, they prefer to wait and see how things unfold, rather than making a decision right away. One can observe curiousness in the ESTPs filled up to the brink. 

They continuously seek methods to absorb new ideas and information. ESTP are most likely to understand things quickly and want to learn about things happening around the world. 

Entrepreneurs Strengths – ESTP Personality Type 

Your strengths and the way you put them to use are what make you different and stand out in the crowd. They act as a source of encouragement when it helps you push forward in life. However, sometimes people might not identify these strengths within them. 

household income ESTP

Here we have mentioned a few strengths of ESTP-type personality:

ESTP are Very Practical

ESTP who are often looking for new information to gain from various sources might want to indulge in philosophy and knowledge. However, this might not always be their self. They like to find ideas and information which are not just theoretical but also something which can be put into action. 

They often drill down to the details of a particular piece of knowledge and its course of action just to put them at use. While an occasional indulgence into arbitrary and random discussion might catch the interest of an ESTP, mostly they like to spend time learning something useful.

They are Quite Sociable

The ESTP naturally possess qualities like being bold, direct, active, original, and rationale that makes them a group leader. They are mostly people-focused and can get along with anyone. They don’t have to try hard to make social connections and strengthen their networking opportunities. 

ESTPs can observe and properly read people. This lets ESTP help others while making them feel cared for, as ESTPs pay attention and act accordingly. While this may or may not help in picking up emotional cues, they do respond quickly to tangible needs.

ESTP can be Very Direct

ESTPs don’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to communication. They are not scared of putting forward their views on people or a subject. They don’t spend their precious time, which they would otherwise spend on gaining knowledge, on hemming and hawing, or even mincing their words. 

ESTP are very direct and to the point. It gives people around them a reflection of where they truly stand in the lives of ESTPs. People around them mostly like their honesty or sometimes perceived as bluntness for this very reason. 

They have a Clear Perceptive

ESTP are a unique blend of practicality and boldness. They are adventurers and love experimenting with new things. When you give them two things, you need to sit back and observe them create something new out of it. 

This originality that they possess helps them notice things when they change or when they need to change. Be it waking up early in the morning or a change of diet. They see even trivial shifts of habits that help them in making connections with others. 

They Have a Never Say Die Attitude

Lazy and uncertainty are words that don’t associate with persuaders. ESTP are very self-assured and carry out every activity with certainty and strength. They usually don’t believe in spending time thinking and pondering over things, but instead, they go ahead and act on it. 

They have a knack for improvising their skills as they process information rapidly. This makes them an excellent choice during hours of emergency to respond quickly.

Persuaders Weaknesses – ESTP Personality Type

When people know their weaknesses, it provides them with a clearer picture of things or reasons which are holding them back. They can then work on them and find ways to prevent your weaknesses from pulling you back. 

Here a few shortcomings ESTP-type personality may possess:

Persuaders are Impatient

ESTPs are a ball of energy, and they work on their own pace and stay excited most of the time. This might make them a little impatient when they deal with people who process at a slower pace or may lack the capacity ESTP have. 

Having to stay focused on a single thing for too long might also make them impatient. But patience is the key, and one can always work on staying a little calm and relaxing for a while, right?

They can Often be Unstructured

The ESTP work with a sense of urgency in their activities with little planning in advance. While this may work for them, it could breed chaos for people around them, especially the ones who like to follow a structured procedure of work. 

ESTPs in the process may also ignore social expectations and rules, creating an unexpected fallout from the functional paradigm. 

ESTP are Very Judgemental

Perceiving (P) and observing are some prime qualities of an ESTP-type personality. While these are considered as their strength, sometimes too much of it might fallout to be detrimental as well. 

They might sometimes prejudge people or situations and label them based on initial perception. This might lead to the sacrificing of profitable situations and meaningful relationships simply because of judging too soon. 

ESTP are Prone to Risks

ESTP live in the moment and believe in seizing it. They want to live a life full of excitement and fun. This might lead to making decisions that are made in haste, leaving them in uncharted territory with no planning of long-term consequences. 

They are Indifferent Towards Commitment and Relationship

ESTPs always seek excitement and despise boredom under almost all circumstances. They want a life with engaging, stimulating, and new experiences every day. But life isn’t that exciting, is it? 

Relationships might get boring and dull at some point, and ESTP is too impatient to drive them out of such low-points. This might lead to losing people who are close and essential to them. 

ESTPs must understand that only after a dark cloud passes, comes a sunny morning, all you need to do is wait and hope instead of giving up. 

estp personality

How is ESTP in various Relationships?

The characteristics of people differ in various ways and how a person is going to behave in a certain way mostly depends upon their personality trait. While a person comes across and plays essential roles in various relationships, understanding about it helps in making a more meaningful connection.

 Here is a glimpse of how they are:

ESTPs as a Friend

ESTP are the life of the party. They are spontaneous and always look for opportunities to explore new ideas and indulge in exciting discussions. Some way or other, ESTPs still have something fun up in their sleeves. 

As they are charming, easy-going, and tolerant, they become naturally popular, so they make new friends wherever they go. They are straightforward and always keep honest opinions about others. 

They like to explore, take risks, and keep the adrenaline high and expect the same from their friends as well. 

ESTPs as a Partner

ESTP are fun-loving, pragmatic, flirtatious, and tend to keep things exciting with their partners. They love talking about new ideas and explore new things. ESTP are adaptable and curious and tend to keep the flame burning between them. 

There could be slight drift or problems when the partner expects emotional support or deeper connection from persuasion as they may have little patience for planning the future or anything which distracts or slows down their pursuit for an exciting life. 

ESTP as a Parent

ESTP are usually what children define as a perfect parent. They are fun-loving, understanding, and flexible who enjoy spending time with their kids. ESTP love hands-on activities, which makes them an ideal match for young children who might look for help in making that science model or play frisbee with. 

They give their children ample freedom and encouragement to use their judgments to live life. The only part in which they might lack is, providing the emotional support for which they might want to turn to their partners. 

Insights into ESTP Career and Workplace Habits

Job satisfaction ESTP

ESTPs In Career

ESTP live for action, and that is exactly what they expect in their careers as well. They are speedy and make fast decisions, even in the heat of the moment. Their popularity and ability of social networking is a great asset for them. 

Careers in sales, marketing, business negotiations, acting, and any competitive environment is an excellent working stream for them. Emergency roles that let them have some action like a police officer, paramedics, or soldiers are also some fantastic career prospects for them.

ESTPs in Workplace

ESTPs are adaptable personalities and find a way to work and have fun at almost every position. Working as subordinates, ESTPs might find it a little challenging to exercise under restraint conditions, following the rules and regulations of someone else. But to catch someone’s attention, they would skirt more work in the hope of something more exciting. 

As colleagues, ESTP plays and work hard. They are charming and famous individuals in the office, and it makes them easier to get along with co-workers. ESTPs enjoy working as managers and find it more comfortable. They are practical managers and set goals that are attainable and clear.

Conclusion – ESTP Personality Type – Entrepreneurs 

Fun-loving, spontaneous, looking for action, new ideas, and information, ESTP are always on their heels. They are curious and want to learn about the world around them. Not only are they charming and attractive, but they also look for opportunities to improvise and focus on the present. 

If ESTP focus on creating a more meaningful and more profound emotional connect with people they love and care about, they can live a fulfilling and more wholesome life.

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