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All About ESTJ Personality Type | 16 Personality – Directors / Executives

The ESTJ personality type or Directors possesses Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging traits. They have a great sense of fortitude and always believe in following their sensible judgment. One might also define the ESTJ Personality as flag bearers of order and tradition. They utilize their skills of differentiating between right and wrong. They are often termed as Directors or Executives.

ESTJ are extroverts (E). They go out on the field, meet and communicate with them, and bring societies, communities, and families together. Directors like to keep a note and stay updated with verifiable facts (S) and stay clear and sure about it. 

ESTJ personalities value honesty, dedication, and dignity. The advice and guidance they receive and give are based on logic and reasoning (T). Directors have a set of orders and traditions that they strictly follow (J) and expect the same from the people around them. 

They expect their co-workers or people around them to live up to directors’ reliability and work ethic. They mostly despise dishonesty and laziness, and they believe it’s against the values that make society work.

About ESTJs – ESTJ Personality Type Characteristics

The directors place a high value on security, rules, regulations, and traditions for maintaining the status quo. One can expect indulgence in community organization, civic duties, government branch, or any such opportunity that lets them follow fixed rules and policies for social good.

ESTJ income chart

ESTJ might have an orthodox approach to life, which sometimes may seem rigid or stubborn to few. They are the leaders, and this leadership quality lets them assume such duties easily.

ESTJ also possess strong self-confidence and conviction, which helps them put plans into action and excel at them. They have high standards and zest to achieve the best in everything they put their minds to. 

This, at times, might make them critical, especially when people around them don’t live up to their expectations. Nonetheless, the ESTJ is stable, predictable, practical, and committed to their work and every activity they are involved in.

Directors’ Strengths – ESTJ Personality Type 

The strengths that you possess brings value to the world, and it’s essential to realize that you as an individual adds value to the world. Knowing your strengths allows you to lead your position. In short, strengths are the abilities that come easily to you, and here is a glimpse is some of those you possess:

They are Direct and Honest

The ESTJ trust the facts and logic (T) more than some abstract opinions or ideas. They don’t believe in sugar-coating facts and usually remain brutally honest while stating facts. 

ESTJ provide statements and information which are straightforward and direct. They return opinions and questions with brutal honesty every time, making them extremely reliable.

ESTJ Pratice Stewardship

ESTJ Personality is known to be the keepers of society. They try to serve and safeguard it from evil because believe they are personally responsible for taking care of it. 

They feel a sense of obligation for upholding the standards and at the same time formulating a clear and transparent picture of things happening in it. The ESTJ uphold law, rules, regulations, and ordinances, which are known to maintain society’s smooth functioning. 

ESTJ are Very Dedicated

It comes naturally to ESTJ to give their 200% in all the areas of life, and while they do it, they showcase boundless energy. 

This quality of giving their best goes to the extent that they are up for sacrificing their time. While representing an organization, they make sure they follow their objectives and work to their maximum efficiency. 

They Are Great Organizers

Unstructured and disoriented work or personal fronts might decrease the productivity of the ESTJ. Being a judgment (J) type personality, they like to plan things and make a to-do list with checkboxes. 

They enjoy distributing tasks and responsibilities objectively and fairly to others, making them the best administrators as well.

They Have A Strong Will and Integrity

ESTJ strongly believes that an organization works best when there is a two-way sense of duty and respect between the authority and subordinates. They believe the rules and regulations apply to them as much as it applies to their subordinates. 

Not only do they skillfully exercise leadership but also respect superiors and dutifully take orders from them. Their strong will helps them complete all the tasks assigned and fixed on time.

Directors’ Weaknesses – ESTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are those abilities or skills people possess which don’t come easily or naturally to them. You might have to struggle a bit more when you put such skills to use. They act as an opportunity for you to understand how to work around them. Here are a few weaknesses ESTJs possess:

They are Indifferent Towards Unconventional Methods

ESTJ firmly adhere to traditions and rules. If suddenly they are to face unvetted solutions, they might get confused, stressed, and uncomfortable. They might end up thinking new solutions are alternatives to their ideas, which were not good enough. 

There are also likely to be doubting their reliability as their ideas worked in situations before, which are now replaced by new ones. However, new ideas and change are options to make work easier and better. Isn’t that what ESTJs wants in the first place? 

ESTJ Have Difficulty in Expressing Emotions

ESTJ is usually caught up in facts and logic that they may not find space for emotions and feelings. They might forget to look beyond quantifying success results and forget about others’ emotions and sensitivity. 

There could be chances that instead of enjoying the beautiful view of a hill station, they would end up counting on the consequences of reaching late. This might hurt the feelings of others, especially the sensitive ones.

They Are Workaholic

The goal of ESTJ is not only to complete the work on time and under the given procedure, but they also expect it to be too perfect. They are fastidious and drill down to the intricacies of an activity.

 They might sometimes get so busy and involved with the work that they may end up getting frustrated or unsympathetic to people who can’t do an activity as perfectly as them. 

ESTJ Can Be Inflexible

ESTJs are solely committed to their perspective and ideologies and sometimes to the point that may impede their personal growth. They firmly plant their original beliefs and righteousness and might end up failing to acknowledge new and more critical information.

Utmost Importance to Social Status

Given their leadership qualities and attractive personality, ESTJ is very concerned about the views and opinions of their friends, family, and the general public. They might get so absorbed in meeting others’ expectations that they sometimes fail to address their own.

How is ESTJ in Various Relationships?

People possess different qualities and characteristics that define how the person will be in a particular relationship. The personality of a person as a whole helps in determining it. Here are the things which one can expect from:

ESTJ as a Friend

They are loyal, strong, and traditional friends who like the company of people who share the same values and appreciate loyalty. ESTJ showcase themselves as enthusiastic and outgoing (E). 

They enjoy social events such as BBQs, picnics, or a local game of cricket and would encourage their friends to take part in the same. They seek friendships with a strong foundation of loyalty and trust. 

ESTJ as Partners

ESTJ Personality values honesty, loyalty, and straightforwardness more than anything. They expect the same from their partners as well. As long as the person showcases such qualities expected from ESTJ, one can expect a long and stable relationship.

 The only challenge ESTJs might face in a relationship is emotional intimacy. Although they can tangibly show their love, they might find it challenging to understand the other person’s emotions and feelings, leaving him or her hurt. 

ESTJ as Parents

They are the traditional kind of parents who like to enforce their mantra of hard work, respect, and tradition on their children. ESTJ also expect their children to follow the rules and standards which they have established. 

They are the kind of parents who expect their children to clean their rooms, organize toys, and sleep on time. The phase of adolescence in children could come as a challenging phase given the inflexible ESTJ rules and slightly rebellious nature of children. 

The lack of emotional connection may bring some friction as well. However, ESTJ raises their children to be down to earth, independent, and hardworking, just like themselves.

Insights into ESTJ Career and Workplace Habits

ESTJ stay at home parents

ESTJs in Career

ESTJ choose careers that are straightforward and clear. They share stability, security, tradition, and respect leading them to stay progressive along their career paths. They have a sense of loyalty towards the organization, so they stay single-employer for many years.

 A career in law enforcement, hospitals, military services, and legal firms could be their preferred career options. Self-motivation and hard work, which adds to some strong principles of ESTJ, also make them a fit choice for sale representatives, retail positions, or independent agents.

No matter which role they play in the workplace, ESTJ shows clarity and consistency. They usually create orders, follow the rules, and work hard to ensure the task is completed in the highest order.

ESTJs in Workplace

 As subordinates, ESTJ are incredibly hard-working and always try to be in the superior’s good books. They show loyalty and dedication and stick to the rules and objectives of the organization.

As colleagues, ESTJ like the hustle-bustle of the office. They are honest, friendly, and down to earth. ESTJ like networking and connect with others to get things done smoothly. They sportively take criticism and try to improve their productivity. 

As managers, ESTJ organizes people into teams and encourage them to show their best work. They may despise laziness and bad work ethic under any circumstance. They have their book of rules and regulations and expect everyone to follow them.

Conclusion – ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ Personality Type is strong-willed and practical, and there are few such personalities in the world. They have the best in class administrative and leadership skills and are known for their reliability. They are rational and have a practical approach to everything. 

While this is an excellent quality to have, this might also come as a liability. This happens when they need to deal with people in social settings or on personal fronts, especially with emotional and sensitive people. 

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