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All About ENFP Personality Type | 16 Personality – Champion/Campaigners

The  ENFP Personality Type or Champions sometimes Campaigners are people with extraverted, intuition, feeling, and perceiving traits. They are people-centred and have an enthusiasm for new ideas and experiences that is contagious.

People around them feel energetic and warm because of their aura as it reflects goodwill and a sense of hope. Champions are usually the life of the party but they value social and emotional connections more. This rare personality is energetic, charming, independent, and compassionate.

Champions possess a type of energy that pushes them under the spotlight (E) and they enjoy it as well. They are extremely intuitive (N) as well who see the world as a big puzzle where everything has a connection. But they see this puzzle through a prism of compassion, emotions, and tinge of mysticism.

They are extremely emotional and sensitive, and all their decisions are based on such feelings (F) after thinking about its consequences. These enthusiastic free spirits make plans or decisions in an instant and don’t usually believe in pre-planning things (P).

About ENFPs – ENFP Personality Type Characteristics

males vs females ENFP

ENFP Personality ace in social and people skills. You can find enthusiasm in abundance within them and they are not pretentious; they actually care about people. They have a good understanding of the people around them and what they are feeling.

Traits like charisma, zeal, creativity, and encouragement make them good leaders. ENFPs may not like routine and monotonous work and they always focus on the future, looking for something new and exciting. If a project or idea fails to capture their interest or if they find it uninspiring, they might be distracted over again.

However, they despise people who are lazy, procrastinate, or are disorganized. One of the most striking traits of champion-type personality is their flexibility. They are usually open to new ideas and are very adaptable and spontaneous. 

Champions’ Strengths – ENFP Personality Type 

When people know about their strengths, it helps them in assessing what they are doing and how they can further improve it. Knowing your strengths can help you find a niche where you can further work and move forward in that direction. Below are some strengths of ENFP- type personality:

They Are Energetic and Enthusiastic

Champions upon finding new ideas or forming new connections, tend to get extremely happy and energetic. They just can’t keep calm and want to tell people who are willing to listen.

They love sharing their excitement making them extroverts in the true sense. This enthusiasm is a two-way benefit, not only does it help them in making new social connections but also add new points to their existing ideas coming from people they share with.

ENFP Are Born Leaders

Assuming leadership positions or a position of benefit and management comes naturally to champions. They are very confident about their skills and abilities to handle the responsibility with care and utmost seriousness.

ENFP are good listeners and they build a reputation that can easily gain trust. They prove people that they can do it all, making champions, good leaders.

They Have Good Communication Skills

Champions are extremely good when it comes to talking and dealing with people. They don’t have to put much effort to fit into a new group of people. They are up for small talks and deep, meaningful conversations as well.

One can also find them extremely adept in steering conversations either into their favor or towards desired subjects. Their participation in conversation never feels forced or unnatural making people enjoy it more. 

Good Imagination

Champions are problem-solvers and can face any kind of challenge and also solve it. Thanks to their imagination skills which might replace traditional ways of assuming and doing things with new and easier techniques, making work easier.

They avoid becoming prisoners of routine and monotonous ways of working and believe that every situation does have a new and possible approach.

ENFP Are Observant and Curious

A very simple mantra is usually followed by the champions that nothing is an irrelevant action, and everything that happens is due to shifting in a move or sentiment. This becomes a part of something bigger and significant.

They try to notice everything and usually know the reason behind a certain occurrence. Besides, champions are curious, they want to learn about things happening around and also experience it. Seldom do they hesitate to step out of their comfort or safe zones.

Champions’ Weaknesses – ENFP Personality Type

Your weaknesses are an opportunity to empower yourself to become a more responsible version of yourself. If you don’t acknowledge them properly with a will to work on them, it can get difficult to deal with it. Therefore, we have mentioned a few weakness ENFP- type personality usually possess:

ENFP Often Lack Focus

Champions are natural explorers and their mind is a pot of new and creative ideas filled to the brim. They get very excited about the initiation of a new idea and they get very passionate about it.

However, they might not always be able to follow that inspiration until the end and may start with a new one. This lack of discipline might make it difficult to bring their best ideas into the real world. 

They Can Be Very Emotional

Emotional expression adds up to be a vital part of ENFPs core identity. The energetic, passionate, and bubbly champions might get a little overboard with expressing it. Things particularly might cause problems under criticism, stress, or conflicts and they could become counter-productive even at best. 

ENFP Are Overthinkers

Champions don’t usually take or accept things at face value and they try to decipher the unlying meaning of everything even if there is none. They might experience some sleepless nights overanalyzing about that one person’s behavior or moment. This could lead to anger or conflict over something that didn’t mean much.

They Can Get Easily Stressed

The overthinking quality of the champions is not because of their own benefit. ENFPs are extremely sensitive and care about others feelings. They are usually popular people who look up to them for guidance and help. As this can be a time taking process, it leaves champions overwhelmed when they are not able to help someone.

Resistance to a Fault

Champions are usually quite independent and are attracted to altruistic wisdom. They may not like to get micromanaged or restrained by rules. But this is the real challenge for ENFPs. The world we usually reside in is full of checks and balances. This might become a problem for our champions. 

How is ENFP in Various Relationships?

The closeness or compatibility that one will have with people in various relationship fronts depends upon their personality. Whether or not a person is going to succeed in the role of a parent, partner, or friend is implicated through their personality traits. Below are mentioned behavioural pattern:

ENFP as a Friend

Cheerful and energetic ENFP are supportive and warm. They help bring people out of their shells and tend to have a big circle of friends. They have the ability to tune in with their others and speak their language helps them fit in every type of group.

A constant flow of energy,  ideas, and experiences is integral for champions, and they might end up expecting the same from their friends which may not always happen.

Nevertheless, champions put their hearts in their friendship and encourage them to bring out their best version. The sensitivity and open-mindedness let them make many deep connections.

ENFP as a Partner

Champions get extremely excited when in a relationship to share their ideas and real-life experiences with their partners. Romantic relationships hold sanctity for champions where they get a chance to connect with another soul.

They truly enjoy the joyous process and they hold an unshakable devotion towards their partners. Champions are perfectionists in their relationships and this is the product of their sensitivity. They try their best not to hurt their partners.

They enjoy being appreciated and getting compliments when they showcase something special out of love and care. If such acts of devotion and excitement are not reciprocated with equal enthusiasm, they might feel unhappy and disappointed. 

ENFP as Parents

ENFP Personality is playful and warm and they enjoy seeing their kids excited, learning, and playing new things. They provide their children with a combination of unstructured and independent environment that revolves around creativity and freedom along with love and support.

ENFP values predictability and security but they are unlikely to establish limitations. However, they may have to set some ground rules and guidelines to keep children disciplined. When children enter their teenage, they start to expect independence which might come as a challenge to sensitive champions who feel withdrawn.

Nevertheless, as long as they sense productive independence from their children they feel at peace and are assured that they have rightly raised their children.

Insights into ENFP Career and Workplace Habits

ENFP Education graph

ENFJs in Career

The world is too big for ENFJ, and they are constantly fascinated by new experiences and ideas. They can flourish in terms of development and exploration in every field they choose. Champions are good with people skills and can have a stronghold in engineering, system analysts, or natural sciences. 

They are also able to apply logic and understanding to human networks and interactions. This helps them keep a strong foothold in careers as psychologists, teaching, counselling, journalism and TV reporting, detective, or diplomatic work. 

ENFJs in Workplace

Workspaces that provide little or no independence and have a strict hierarchy and regimentation may not be ideal for the ENFJ. They thrive when equipped with the ability to explore and question the status quo. 

Careers in the military or banks don’tdon’t provide such freedom, and their ideas may not get accepted, which will only leave them unhappy. So as long as their skills, ideas and experiences are identified and appreciated by their managers and colleagues, they feel happy.

ENFJ always seek chances to explore ideas and conduct that exploration with people they are close with or share similar views. They expect people at the workplace to identify and appreciate their warmth, open-mindedness, and creativity, boosting morale and innovating more. ENFJ are goal-oriented as sub ordinates. They usually impress their managers with their creativity and ability to adapt.

 They expect freedom and flexibility at the workplace, and when they don’tdon’t find it, they get easily stressed. But when their managers maintain proper guidance camaraderie, ENFJ can be extremely loyal and devoted contributors.

 As colleagues, ENFJ sees their coworkers as their friends and genuinely support and cheer them. They are extremely warm and optimistic, which makes them everyone’s favourite. Brainstorming is their forte, but they listen to other’s viewpoints with equal tolerance.

ENFJ make excellent managers instead of bossing around. They behave more like coworkers or friends. While closely directed, clearly defined objectives and rigid timetables come as challenges, their excellent communication skills help them shine through and encourage their team to achieve the goal.

Conclusion – ENFP Personality Type

ENFJ are charismatic and creative. They are known for their enthusiasm and idealism and very smoothly deal with unexpected situations and brighten up people’s lives. 

Champions (Campaigners) might have to put some conscious efforts to develop and improve their weaker skills. But their quality of keeping calm under tipping points and caring for people and relationships they are serious about helps them reach greater heights and earn respect.

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