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All About ENFJ Personality Type | 16 Personality – Protagonist / Givers

An ENFJ Personality Type or  The Giver is Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They are born with passion, charisma, and leadership qualities. Natural confidence lets them beget influence over large groups and people from different echelons of society. They love guiding people to combine their energies to improve communities and themselves too. They radiate altruism, concern, and authenticity, which attracts people towards them.

Extraverted (E) givers love and gather joy in reaching out to people, inspiring them to do good, and achieve whatever they strive for. Communicating with people using their intuitive (N) traits to reach the understanding of every kind of mind either ideas, concepts, logic or simply raw emotions comes naturally to givers.

Once they start believing someone, they become too involved sometimes to a point of fault and place their trust in them. But this is a purely self-fulfilling prophecy as their authenticity and altruism (F) let them make decisions about themselves and the people they care about. The decisions made by givers are well thought (J) and processed and seldom do they make decisions in a rush or heat of the moment. 

About INTPs – ENFJ Personality Type Characteristics

ENFJ Personality Type has great people skills and is warm, supportive, and affectionate. They tend to derive personal satisfaction from helping others and also love to encourage others.

ENFJ tend to be outstanding leaders as they are great at bringing consensus among people from different diversity. They can be inspirational and inspiring that brings enthusiasm among people. While extroversion is a common trait of ENFJs, they sometimes like to spend time alone in order to organize and assimilate their thoughts.

They always want to lead the way for people to reach a brighter future. This can include anything from being a politician leading the nation to prosperity or a rugby team captain leading the team to a hard-fought victory.

Givers’ Strengths – ENFJ Personality Type 

ENFJ The giver

Gains or strengths help people to learn how to put them at best use and make the most out of the traits that come naturally to them. It helps you go easy on yourself and boosts your self-esteem. Here are a few strengths ENFJs possess:

ENFJ are Natural Leaders

The charisma of givers helps them garner many admirers. They don’t have to put effort to seek authority, instead, their admirers themselves request them to become one.

They are cheered and encouraged by people because of their positive vision and strong personality. Mentoring and teaching come naturally to them and their idealism helps them to see potential in others.

They Possess Good Communication Skills

ENFJs love talking, writing, and telling stories. Their audience love and equally reciprocate with enthusiasm. They are comfortable talking in a big as well as a small group as they enjoy getting the attention and energy of a good conversation.

Givers are usually proficient in communicating across various media. They also possess the talent of making words out of their ideas and communicate clearly with the person they want to share.

They are Very Charismatic

Givers are blessed with charisma and popularity. Their intuitive trait lets them know how to capture the attention of the audience. They know how to pick up the mood and motivation to communicate with the right emotion, passion, reason, and restraint. They can shift their manner and tone in a way that reflects the expectations and needs of the audience. 

ENFJ can be Altruistic and Reliable

Givers are genuine and warm, they truly believe that if they do things and take actions in a step to bring people together, the world can be a much better and harmonious place.

They constantly desire to do good for people to be it in their own home or in communities. Givers never want to let down anyone and even become a cause of it, which is why they are the most reliable person in the room to give responsibility.

ENFJ are Quite Persuasive

ENFJs have great persuasive powers and they can make people do what they want them to do. But altruistic and warm givers never do this with an intention of manipulation or for personal gain.

Usually, they persuade people to do more or what is good for themselves so they could realize their potential. They are trustworthy, genuine, and caring, others get easily compelled to them and they love forward to take their advice.

Givers’ Weaknesses – ENFJ Personality Type

Every person has a set of weaknesses and strengths. It’s very important to acknowledge weakness exists so that you can avoid putting yourself in one. This will also help you to have more control over your behaviour when you are put in such a situation. Here are some weaknesses ENFJ- type personality possess:

They have Difficulty in Making Tough Decisions

ENFJs possess a feeling trait that makes them take the decision based on values and feelings. So while making a decision, if the information provided to them lacks a human element or altruism, it can get difficult for them.

Sometimes decisions are backed by a data-based conclusion, hard logic, and impersonal reasoning which can also be difficult or undesirable. Nevertheless, such decisions are to be made and compassionate givers may have a tough time.

ENFJ are Too Sensitive and Idealistic

Givers are sensitive to criticism. While a good leader is usually praised, there are always people with opposite opinions. When they come across someone who criticizes them for the things they did with good intentions, it can leave them wondering if they did enough or not.

Also, when people try to defy the principles they have adopted no matter how well-intentioned it was, the givers might feel pity or upset.

ENFJ are Over-Selfless

Givers tend to prioritize the needs and feelings of others more than themselves. They might even keep many hopeful promises, feel other’s problems as their own, and strive hard to meet worldly expectations. This might make them lose touch with their own needs and they may feel lonely.

Givers must understand that helping and empathizing with others is a great quality to have, but everyone has their own struggle which they need to fight and self-love is important as well.

Givers Usually have Unstable Self-Esteem

The self-esteem of givers depends upon whether or not they are able to do enough for others and if they ask you for criticism, there are chances it is out of insecurity rather than to gain confidence.

If in case they fail to meet such expectations their self-esteem and confidence might decrease. However, they must understand that one who lives selflessly without seeking any validation, is the one who can bring maximum development and changes in the world.

ENFJ Often go Through Overcommitment

The excitement of getting new opportunities can make the giver overwhelmed and happy. They happily take all such new opportunities without completing the things they already have on their platter. This might leave a giver over-committed where they might have to pull out from later which again leaves them guilty.

How is ENFJ in Various Relationship?

The personality of a person affects social psychology directly or indirectly. As different relationships expect a different behavioural pattern from you, understanding your personality traits is important. Here is how givers are in various personal relationship fronts.

ENFJ as Friends

The philosophy of genuine relationship can be found in the core of givers, the friendships of givers show a clearer picture of it in its breadth and depth. They are very dedicated and find such connections as substantial enough to not let it slip out of their hands merely due to inattentiveness or laziness.

They like getting to know new people and even if the opinions differ they get fascinated by the views of other people. As long as they can see their friend reciprocate the same energy as they do, they won’t let anything break the bond. Givers are encouraging and extremely warm around their friends.

ENFJ as Partners

Givers feel at home and at peace when they are in a relationship. They take their relationships very seriously and that is why they eye for someone who is also willing to have serious and long-term bonds instead of something casual.

They don’t need much from their partners to stay happy but are willing to give everything in their control to them happy. Givers try their best to avoid any kind of conflict and try to maintain a harmonious relationship.

ENFJ as Parents

Givers turn out to be excellent parents as they know how to strike a balance between being an encouraging and supportive friend and a mentor who can instil strong values and personal responsibility towards family and society.

ENFJ nurture their kids and give strong values which don’t come out of sheer obedience but out of understanding. They give their children time and energy to grow and learn. They try to create an environment that is conflict-free and gives a sense of safety to their family.

But they do have high standards and they encourage them to do their best. There can be some locking of horns when children turn into an adolescent as they seek independence which might leave givers feeling unloved or hurt. Fortunately, such occasions are very rare and raise their children with warmth and affection.

Insights into ENFJ Career and Workplace Habits

ENFJ The giver

ENFJs in Career

Givers love helping others and they can cast their eyes at any such career which lets them do it. Fortunately people like taking help and are willing to pay too. Therefore, givers can do well in any career path they have in which they have an interest. They approach people with warmth and a sense of helpful earnestness.

Altruistic careers like counselling, teaching, religious work give them a chance to grow and learn. Their social and emotional skills also make them excellent politicians, coordinators or HR admins. 

ENFJs in Workplace

Givers are intelligent, social, creative, warm and charismatic that makes everyone like them. This helps them propel in pretty much every role they play.

ENFJ Personality as subordinates is quick learners and multitaskers. They can take much responsibility without feeling burdened. However, unnecessary criticism might lower their self-confidence. And leave them upset but they still try to create a harmonious and frictionless environment.

Givers as colleagues desire to cooperate and assist their coworkers to make them feel comfortable. They have tolerant and open minds which help them make a good social life at the office.

Givers as managers are capable of inspiring and encouraging their team members in a true sense. They combine their skills of intuition and warmth to bring the best out of their employees helping them achieve their goals.

Conclusion – ENFJ Personality Type

Being a rare type of personality adding up to only 2 per cent of the world population, givers are a rare combination of warmth, idealism and charisma. They brighten up the lives of people they touch and truly values the relationships they hold.

ENFJ can easily become a part of every group and people like their company as well. They sometimes become too sensitive and selfless which might not be a good thing always in today’s world as they can be taken advantage of.

Nevertheless, their attractive and selfless personality makes the life of people much easier and cheerful.

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