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What is Emotional Intelligence – Check Your Emotional Quotient

Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is your ability to understand your sentiments and manage them in such a way that your emotions make you release a positive array of reactions in everyday situations. Sounds a bit inconsequential, doesn’t it?

Managing emotions, stressful events etc. might be difficult for a lot of people leading to poor life decisions.

It turns out your EQ is a significant factor governing your success in life. Don’t know what it is and how it works?

Here’s a brief guide explaining how Emotional intelligence might be worth for you to look into! 

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The way you handle everyday situations, manage your relationships with others, deal with traumatic incidents are all defined by your emotional intelligence. Your thoughts, moods, reasoning and understanding are all linked to your emotions, and every action you perform is the combination of all your feelings.

And this day-to-day connectivity of your emotions to your every action makes emotions a key factor for a successful personal and professional life. And how do you know how you are handling your emotions, is what emotional intelligence quotient is for.

Emotional Intelligence Test or Emotional Quotient(EQ): The need of the hour

EQ is an essential part of one’s personality. Some researchers believe that to be a successful contribution of your IQ is only 10-25%, the other 80-75% is of various factors, including your EQ.

The EQ is measured on five core factors. Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, who helped in popularizing EQ, called them The Five Pillars of EQ.

Pillars of Emotional Intelligence Quotient



The first pillar of EQ is self-awareness. It means being aware and in check of your emotions. A person with high EQ, most likely, can identify his emotions and the things that bring out those emotions. Once you have figured out your emotions, you need to practice acceptance. It plays a crucial role in your overall growth. Once you are ready to accept how you are, we move onto the next pillar.


It is all about your ability to exercise control over your actions. After identifying your emotions, the next step would be to regularise them. To maintain your emotional health, it is essential to strike a balance between your emotions and actions.


You have identified your emotions, are in control of them. Now you need to make consistent efforts to achieve your goals. That is where the third pillar of Emotional Intelligence Quotient steps in. Motivation helps you to keep moving forward come what may, making you more passionate towards your goals. Once you are self-motivated, you will be able to spread your energy and vibes. That’s where the fourth pillar of EQ comes in.


It is your innate ability to grasp other people’s emotions. With a warm and welcoming personality, you can make people comfortable enough to share their feelings with you.

Social Skills

Social skill is your readiness in adapting to any social environment. You can quickly gel up and enjoy others’ company, and your positive attitude could make them enjoy your company. The ability to talk to people and develop is essential to form good working relationships.

Once you get to know where you stand on these individual factors, you’ll see what you lack and how you can develop a better EQ. For instance, if you score low on empathy, you can start by putting yourself in others’ shoes.

Actively think about how the other person might be feeling. Slowly, you’ll start to identify with people and their emotions. This will go a long way in building successful interpersonal relationships.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient Score

Here is a small comparison chart of how Emotional Intelligence affects your job title! A no-brainer, Manager comes at a higher end of Emotional Intelligence Quotient!

Emotional Intelligence Score can be divided into three categories: Low, Medium, and High. Each score bracket has some characteristics, and people falling in these behave a certain way.

The implication of Low EQ Score

People with low emotional quotient might face many problems like stress, anxiety and low self-confidence. Such people lack many of the five essential characteristics of EQ. Therefore, have issues in maintaining a healthy emotional state.

Low EQ score could also mean that one faces a lot of difficulty in building relationships. So, it is important to be aware of your EQ and try to attain higher values. It can be done by starting to become more aware of your emotions and thinking from another’s point of view.

The implication of Medium EQ Score

Someone with a medium score means that you might have some qualities and might lack the others. You can work on each of them and build a better personality. Middle scorers typically have good relationships and confidence levels, but they can always work on themselves.

The implication of High EQ Score

A person having high EQ would easily adapt to changes around them. Excellent at building a healthy rapport with colleagues and friends alike. They are generally quite successful because they are well-liked and have better communication skills. However, they might lose sight of their well being, and this might be counter-productive. Therefore, it is best to find a balance between both.


The Emotional Intelligence Quotient is just an indicator that helps you understand yourself better. It is a tool in the hand of someone ready to change themselves and their life. Finding and developing a wholesome blend of personality trait can be very useful for most. Hence, it is crucial to find your Emotional Intelligence Score.

Click the link below to take a quick test and discover the path to a better you. 

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