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Depressing Behavior Test – Figuring out your Depression Quotient

Depression Quotient tells you how depressed you are. Depression Behaviour is the feeling of sadness, loss, or anger, interfering with a normal lifestyle. Depression Quotient is the extent of the negative emotions one experiences. It may vary from mild to a severe wave of emotions crippling the person, making their life difficult.

A person may experience frequent negative emotions without any particular reason. This may lead to problems in their personal and professional life. Feelings of sadness and emptiness are the most common indicators of high depression quotient.

It is, however, essential to know that depression is a psychological illness. It has to be kept in mind that it is a disease and not “made up” by anyone. Therefore, one needs to be cautious about how he/she treats a person suffering from it.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder where a person tends to feel various negative emotions in regular life. Such mood swings decrease your activity level by a significant amount. It makes you dull and lazy at times. Feeling negative emotions and reflecting them in your day-to-day activities can make you seem lethargic and disinterested.

People who have depressing behaviour may feel gloomy and discouraged quite frequently. Life seems like an unhappy place to them, whereas it’s their mood that is making them see such illusions of life.

On the other hand, some people do not directly let their depressing behaviour reflect in front of others or their daily routine. They tend to hide their emotions well. However, not showing depression outside could hurt them more and make them feel a bit more despondent.

Depression in the initial stage is just a mood swing disorder that can be taken care of by regular exercise, healthy eating and positive thoughts development. It may seem challenging to achieve, but, with practice, you can fight away your depressing behaviour.

However, if you do not accept your depressing behaviour and do not seek appropriate help at the right time, it can turn into some severe disorder psychologically and physically too. Hence, you need to know the depressing behaviour that is reflected in your personality.

What is Depression Quotient or Depressing Behaviour Test?

It is a measure of your depression in terms of mood swings, work-life imbalance and personal issues.

It is normal to feel sad now and then, and every person has some moments of sadness and hopelessness in life. But, it is necessary to understand when these moments become a more significant part of your life and start affecting your overall growth.

However, people usually do not accept the fact that they are depressed or they have depressing behaviour. This negligence could cost you a lot if not accepted at the right time. It is always important to acknowledge your issues and try finding appropriate solutions for them.

At the same time, it is necessary to seek appropriate help in case of any disorder. Telling people who do not have sufficient knowledge about your condition in medical terms is unnecessary and could have negative impacts. Always try to seek proper medical help in case of depression.

First, take the Depression Quotient Test and understand where you stand. Do you really need help? Can you work on yourself to incline your personality towards positive behaviour?

Why Would it Matter For Me to Take a Depression Quotient Test?

Being sad, sorrow and anger once in a long while, due to some serious issues going on in your life is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t hamper your daily life. However, there might be a point where you won’t be able to break out of negative feelings. It’ll lead to adverse consequences. That’s why it becomes imperative to know what these feelings and emotions indicate.

By taking a Depression Quotient Test, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the negative impact emotions have on you. Moreover, it’ll act as the first step towards accepting and bringing changes to your mindset and life.

How can Your Depression Quotient be Measured?

Depressing behaviour can be noticed very distinctly in some people, while others know how to hide it well. However, it is reflected and can be observed in your day to day activities.

Some of the traits and qualities that are used to measure the depressing behaviour of a person:

depression quotient

Your Emotional Well Being

To understand your depressing behaviour, we need to know how often you feel sad and hopeless, how empty you feel inside. These questions help to understand the nature of your depression and how chronic it is.

Your Cognitive Skills

Are you able to concentrate on important things? How long can you focus on the task at hand?

How much difficulty do you face while completing a task? Are you an active listener, or do you zone out of conversations?

All these questions and specific other similar questions help us to understand your behaviour in regular activities.

Sleeping Pattern

Proper sleep is a crucial factor for a good mood the next day. Any difficulty like insomnia or restless sleep could have very adverse effects on your life and even on essential activities. Such disturbances can be the cause of depressing behaviour in your personality.

There are multiple other factors like your anger, aggression, physical well-being, etc. that have a significant impact on your behaviour and help to measure the level of depression in a person. Give the test and know your scores in depressing behaviour. Based on your scores, you can work on improving your personality to succeed in life.

Are you Dwindling Between the Positives and Negatives of Your Life?

Depression Quotient means having negative behaviour, being tired, getting discouraged quite often and lacking any enthusiasm. There are various reasons due to which you might go through these changes in your life. It can be either because you have work pressure or you might be worried about a few aspects of your life, and your health might be affected due to it. 

Does your behaviour annoy you and others around you? Are you confused where you possess such symptoms or not? Are you worried if this is deeply rooted or can easily be cured?

If you are confused with any of these questions and seek answers,  then you must take the depression Quotient test to get insights to find you if you are depressed and if you need help. 

What Does Your Depression Quotient Score Mean?

Depressing behaviour scores are the accumulative mean of the choices you make, and these scores are divided into three sections: high, low and medium for a brief overview. You can know better about your personality once you give the test and see what the individual reports have to say.

For now, you can have a look at the meaning of having your score in any one of the three sections:

High Depression Quotient

Having high scores reflects high depressing behaviour in your personality. In such cases, people face a lot of disturbances in their thought process and necessary tasks.

Behavioural Characteristics of such people can be

  • Being easily distracted
  • Showing a lack of energy in their work
  • Getting easily irritated
  • Sleep deprivation or an Unhealthy Diet can be the physical manifestations

If you have a high Depression Quotient, it is highly recommended to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Also having Depression and Clinical Depression are two different things! You must note, Depression is  a completely curable ailment, all we need is a bit of courage and seek help! And as the great Ranchor Das Chanchad said-

Medium Depression Quotient

People who exhibit medium scores are a bit relaxed but have a problem handling mood swing less sometimes. Medium depression quotient could be due to stress or some traumatising event, which can be cured by self-help techniques like regular exercising and reading books. A lot of content is available online to learn more about your behaviour and take all necessary help to build a better personality and lifestyle.

depression quotient

Low Depression Quotient

People who have significant control over their emotions usually score low in a depressing behaviour test. Such people have good self-esteem and tend to take criticism positively. They live with a positive outlook on life.

Having a high, low or medium score is based on your surroundings and the vents you have been through in life, but it also depends on your desire to develop a positive outlook and change in your attitude.

Dealing with Medium to High Depression Quotient

Feelings of dread, sadness and emptiness are quite challenging to process and get over. Therefore, it is critical to inculcate habits that help you break out of the cycle to lead a healthy life.

To do so, you can start with some simple steps:


The foundation of overcoming depressing behavioural patterns is accepting and acknowledging it. Make it a point to allow yourself to be sad without criticising yourself.

Make a Routine

One of the best methods to escape unwanted thoughts is by making a routine and then sticking to it. It keeps your mind occupied and working. A sense of purpose and satisfaction on completing your set tasks may be the rewards that help you.

Talking to people that can help:

Keeping emotions inside doesn’t help anyone. You must have experienced a feeling of relief when you vent about how unfair life is. Similarly, it might just help to share how you feel with someone you can trust and who understands what you might be going through. A clinical psychologist might be able to help the best in cases of depression.

In the end, taking a test is all about knowing oneself. You can learn and grow if you take the test seriously. It is only on oneself to do so.

Give your Depression Quotient Test Now and get to know how you rank on the same!

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