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My Conscientiousness Test Score, Meaning and Implications

Psychology defines conscientiousness as a person’s ability to stay goal-oriented and follow a well-disciplined life. It is a trait in the Big Five Personality Traits Model. People with high conscientiousness test score are hardworking and can achieve what they desire. They are good at planning and implementing their ideas. Yes! Conscientious people know how to make their way to the top.

But, Is being conscientious sufficient? 

However, can you say whether your Conscientious Personality Trait is up to the mark and is enough for achieving your biggest goal?

Do you know how much you need to practice discipline to become conscientious? 

You can answer all these questions if you know your conscientiousness score. But what does your score mean? The division of Conscientiousness scores is into a range of three: high, low and medium. You need to understand the effect your conscientiousness score can have on your career and relationships. Based on these scores, you can see where you stand and understand what changes you need to bring to your lifestyle to build a near-perfect personality.

What does High Conscientiousness Score Mean?

Having a high score in conscientiousness means that you can understand what is essential for you in life and work accordingly to achieve that.

Your score indicates that you are most likely to be:


Work is a virtue for highly conscientious people, and they do not take things casually. High conscientious people are responsible and hardworking. They do not run away from a problem; they own it. Such people are committed to their work and do everything to accomplish their objectives.


People scoring high on this facet remain clutter-free and neat. They are well-organised and effectively manage their time by planning out things, are useful planners and have time set for all their tasks. Moreover, they always try to maintain their routine and go well with schedules. The Perfectionists are the ones who are high scorers in conscientiousness.


(Dutiful and person is?) the one who can score high in conscientiousness. Such people try to be the best in what they do, putting full efforts. They follow a self-disciplinary lifestyle, where they keep themselves focused on your goals. People who have high scores do not get distracted easily. Further, their work is good enough for them, and they need nothing else to entertain themselves.


Having a high score in the conscientiousness trait means you are focused on your goal. You can do anything and everything to accomplish your goals. You are determined and enthusiastic. Achieving your goals is the true definition of success for you.


Your high score may define your ability to stay alert and careful towards potential dangers. High scorers tend to protect themselves from threats as they are attentive and decide very carefully. They are confident and can easily avoid unforeseen circumstances.

The Relation of Conscientiousness score and Career Success

(Career growth is high for high scorers in conscientiousness.) 

Being self-focused and goal-oriented makes them achieve good in less time and build a successful career. They are highly committed to their work which makes high conscientious people workaholic. High conscientiousness has a direct impact on your professional life because it somehow is the reflection of your actions at your workplace. People with a high score in conscientiousness tend to have various career options like managers, organisers, directors, maybe teachers, and the military too.

Having characteristics like being diligent, dutiful, organised, goal-oriented and attentive can lead to a successful career and your overall growth. People who have a high conscientious personality work hard and know how to handle challenges, and they readily take up the responsibilities.  

conscientiousness and career

Does High Conscientiousness Score Lead to Boring Relationships?

People who score high in conscientiousness become less flexible and a bit boring in their personal lives. They might not find enjoyment in anything that is not work-related. Consequently, this could decrease the chance of building good relationships with family and friends. Workaholic tendencies could create significant disturbances in their personal life.

No matter how much success you get in life, there will be times when you will need people to stand by your side, and for that, you need to inculcate traits like agreeableness and extraversion. You must take time out from your schedule and do some extracurricular activities and learn how to maintain a balance in personal and professional life. 

You can learn more about your personality and what you need to improve for a better life by taking The Big Five Personality Tests.

Medium Conscientiousness Score

People having medium scores in conscientiousness tend to have a bit of balance with work and social life. Having a high score means you are a reliable person who has a good focus on work, but not so much as to become ignorant about other things.

 The best part about medium scorers is they like to keep themselves busy with their work, but not so busy to forget to have some fun. They enjoy activities away from work too.

Medium Conscientiousness Scorers enjoy perks that high and low scorers can’t.

Kind of like having the best of both worlds!

A person who is responsible and has set goals, but gets diverted to the enjoyment once in a while is a medium scorer. People who are medium scorers are good at understanding the importance of self-discipline and gregariousness, both at the same time.

life satisfaction and conscientiousness

They are good at scheduling things, especially in such a way that they can complete their work on time and spend time with friends and family.

Medium scorers can build a successful career and a better lifestyle than high or low scorers in conscientiousness because they have an understanding of the importance of achieving things as well as being agreeable.

Although, a medium scorer is good at times but having a little bit more carelessness could have adverse effects on your career, and hence you must keep a check of your actions. You can get a bit carried away from your work responsibilities in such cases, and this could turn out bad if not taken care of in time. 

Because being a medium scorer makes you a person, whom many people like to look upon, and when you fail, a lot of people will fall with you. So make sure you keep your personality and activities in check.

Significance of Low Conscientiousness Score

Low scorers are daydreamers and like to do things in the spur of the moment. If you score low in conscientiousness, you are more likely to be:


A carefree attitude towards life makes you a low scorer in conscientiousness. You don’t worry much and are happy at any moment in life. You love your life and stay ahead of your stress.

 But your carefree attitude may trouble you sometimes. You may ignore a few things which are worth attention because of your carelessness. 


People with low scores in conscientiousness generally act on their instincts. They do not think much before making a decision. Your decisions can sometimes end up with trouble and can even harm yourself or your close ones. Your attitude towards life is a bit reckless. This attitude of yours makes you a less reliable person.


Low scorers in conscientiousness tend to procrastinate. They are not responsible and make excuses for their mistakes. People with low scores in conscientiousness lack essential self-discipline and are more dependent on others. Such people have a casual attitude towards life. They can be working one second and partying the next. 


Your low score in conscientiousness manifests that you are way too disorganised. You are a bit careless and undisciplined. You have a spontaneous attitude towards life. Having a low score in conscientiousness makes you an unpredictable person. Further, you don’t believe in planning things, and you are comfortable working in an uncoordinated manner. 

Low Conscientiousness Scores, Less Growth in Career

Career growth is prolonged for low scorers since they do not take responsibilities seriously. They lack essential self-discipline and are not success-driven. People lose self-efficiency while going for such adventurous behaviour, making them lag at the workplace. Your impulsive decisions can sometimes lead to a significant loss for your company. 

Low scorers in conscientiousness thrive in a chaotic environment and do not plan. Further, this may lead to difficulty in completing the assigned work on time. 

Out of all the big five personality trait, Conscientiousness is an essential trait which influences your career and success to a great extent. 

You need to understand the need to build a good personality which includes at least a medium score in conscientiousness. You can further know more about your personality by taking personality tests.

Relationships and low conscientiousness score  

Low scorers in conscientiousness are generally carefree. Such people tend to enjoy life better but also get hurt easily due to the outcomes of their actions. A person must have a little fun and enjoy life???. Having a carefree attitude is good, until and unless it does not harm you or any person associated with you.

Also, they are a bit irresponsible and reckless. They may have a bit laid back approach towards things in their life. Their tendency to make decisions in the spur of the moment may have an impact on others too. Such an attitude, in the long run, could ruin their chance of building good relationships.


Conscientiousness trait is a personality trait that cannot be learned or built overnight. It would help if you had a real desire for success to stay conscientious. A person has to inculcate a lot of internal strength to stay away from distractions and maintain good habits that involve building healthy personal relationships as well.

Conscientiousness is a combination of its six sub-traits: self-efficiency, orderliness, dutifulness, achievement-striving, cautious and self-discipline. When all these qualities are achieved, you can gain a high score. 

But as we discussed in this article, it is best to attain a medium conscientiousness score. Learn more about these sub-traits of conscientiousness take their personality tests and build a better personality, leading a successful life.

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