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Conscientiousness Personality Trait – Everything You Need To Know!

Conscientiousness Personality Trait is one of the Big Five Model’s personality traits, along with – agreeablenessextraversionneuroticism, and openness to experience. These five personality traits are considered to be the pillars of personality for each individual. Conscientiousness is a key factor for success that reflects the ability to control, regulate, and direct your instincts thoughtfully. 

“Goals are meant to be achieved. Not by daydreaming but by conscientiousness.”

qualities of a conscientious person

A person desires to do their work on time, in a well-organized manner, and to be considerate about others is what comes under this trait. Conscientiousness manifests how goal-oriented and careful you are about your work, your relationships, and yourself.

Everybody wants to be successful in life. By making persistent efforts toward our goals, you can achieve success. 

So, conscientious individuals are vigilant, and they strive hard to work for their goals. They make sure that they achieve set milestones on time and in the correct order.

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Measuring Conscientiousness Personality Trait – The Sub Traits

Conscientiousness Subtraits

Each personality trait has various sub-traits that help us to understand that personality trait and measure it quickly. 

To judge your Conscientiousness level, the following sub-traits can help you understand whether you need to increase or decrease it:

Self-Efficacy – Do You Trust Your Capabilities? 

Self-Efficacy is about how much you trust your capability to complete a task. Not just your abilities, but self-efficiency also measures your dependency on others. If you are more self-sufficient, there are more chances of you being self-dependent. A low score may reflect a lack of control over life.

You need to measure and acknowledge your self-efficiency level. If required, try to improve it for your betterment.

Orderliness – Are You A Perfectionist?

Do you feel a sudden urge to move things so that they seem a bit more ordered? If yes, then you may be high on this facet. 

Orderliness is your desire to assure that your work, relationships, things around you are always proper and well maintained. You are more inclined to ensure that you always maintain tidiness and routine. People scoring high on this spectrum are more organized, punctual, and go well with schedules.

Self-Discipline – Can You Control Yourself?

If you have control over yourself, nobody can defeat you. It’s all about self-control and willpower, the two primary keys to self-discipline. Self-discipline refers to your ability to focus on the task at hand and achieve it with as much perfection as possible. 

Self-discipline helps in measuring Conscientiousness, as self-control helps you to keep all the distractions away, and developing willpower motivates you to achieve what you desire. 

People who score high on this attribute work more inside their passion and know-how to take action. On the other hand, people with low scores are lazy and lack inner strength. 

Dutifulness – Are You Committed To Your Work? 

Your adherence to your commitments and obligations to accomplish your tasks on time is what dutifulness is all about.  It shows your sense of commitment and responsibility. Your presence of mind and situation handling abilities also reflects how much you would score in dutifulness. 

People with a good score in dutifulness tend to be reliable people and are attentive. People who are more carefree and don’t go along with the rules might get a low score in dutifulness. 

Achievement-Striving – Are You Goal-driven?

Achievement Striving is about goal-oriented and self-reliant ability. Achievement-Striving people have clarity about their goals. They are very dedicated to their purpose and set their path to achieving it. Such people do not rely on others to achieve anything. They always try to carve their way.

Hardworking, ambitious, and focused are other characteristics of achievement-striving personality traits. People who have such qualities tend to lead a successful life and tend to maintain dutifulness.

Cautiousness – How Alert Are You Towards Danger?

Cautiousness is your ability to stay guarded and maintain caution in all ways. It is all about being careful and attentive to possible danger. Cautiousness helps people in avoiding potential problems and safeguard them from prevailing risks.

 People with a high level of cautiousness can achieve greater heights but can sometimes become over-thinkers. Nevertheless, cautiousness is one such trait that can protect you from harm, if taken care of.

All these traits, when combined, are used to measure your level of Conscientiousness. All these traits play a major role while describing conscientiousness personality traits; each sub-trait has its importance.

What Does Your Conscientiousness Trait Scores Say About Your Personality?

sub-traits of conscientiousness

A high score in conscientiousness means, You:

  • Are well aware of how you want to project your impulses and ideas.
  • Are ready to regulate and plan routes to your goals by yourself and in time
  • Tend to formulate long-term goals and achieve them.
  • Are well focused and exist at the moment
  • Are always aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not let distractions be the reason for the loss in direction.
  • Are very hard-working and know the value of time. 
  • Are a good planner and maintain a time set for all your tasks. 

A low score in conscientiousness means, You:

  • Are prone to low impulsiveness.
  • Have a bit laid-back approach towards things in your life.
  • Are prone to live in the moment and enjoy the current situation rather than contemplating what may happen in the future.
  • Make decisions in the spur of the moment, and this may have an impact on others too.
  • Have a carefree approach to life.


conscientiousness level qualities

How can Conscientiousness Personality Trait Affect your Career?

Conscientiousness has a great impact on your career growth. It covers all the key characteristics that have a futuristic approach and are great for building a successful career. All the sub-traits of Conscientiousness have a direct impact on your professional life. They, somehow, are the reflection of your actions at your workplace.

The greater the efficiency, the greater is your career growth. 

People who have a conscientious personality work hard and know how to handle challenges. They readily take up the responsibilities thrown their way.

People with a high score in Conscientiousness tend to have various career options like:

  • Freelance writer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Doctor
  • Manager
  • Teacher

You can further explore these options when you know your score. One should always try to maintain at least an average score in this trait for growth. And if you try to maintain a higher score, you can achieve big in life.

money earned vs conscientiousness level

Why Should I Go For The Conscientiousness Personality Test?

Knowing your personality can give a slight push in the right direction. The Big Five Personality Model helps you to understand your personality better. When grouped, all the traits reflect a person’s behavior, their growth ratio, possible career choice, and areas that need improvement.

Knowing your level of conscientiousness is important and mandatory for the overall betterment of your career and personal life. 

People who have a conscientiousness trait as their major personality traits are always on time. They take notes for everything, exercise and stay fit, and maintain discipline in the office and at home. Such people tend to have scheduled life structures and tend to maintain that.

So, you must take a test, know your conscientiousness level, and work on it if you have a low score.

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