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My Agreeableness Test Score, Meaning and Implications

Agreeableness is a personality trait that is a part of the Big Five Personality Traits Model and the fourth trait of OCEAN Model. The Agreeableness test score indicates how kind, generous, warm, and helpful you are to others around you.
Agreeableness score and the model, in general, help us decipher the reasoning and meaning behind most of our actions. It takes a comprehensive approach to different personalities and behavioural patterns.

What is Agreeableness?

Psychology defines Agreeableness as a personality trait that influences our ability to build and maintain relationships around us and plays a significant part in determining our Social Harmony Index.

Your ability to understand others and prioritize people’s welfare above yourself is Agreeableness. People who understand the value of people are more agreeable than those who value material things. It is one such personality trait that one can develop over time.

What are the Sub-traits of Agreeableness?

Agreeableness is a part of the Five-Factor/ Big Five Model. The model utilizes traits and their sub-traits to understand various aspects of people’s personality.

Sub-traits are particularly crucial in understanding how people will react to certain situations in life.

Agreeableness Sub Traits

Here are Sub-traits of Agreeableness Personality Trait

  • Trust
  • Modesty
  • Morality
  • Altruism
  • Cooperation
  • Sympathy

You are measured on each of these sub-traits which are later used to calculate your average agreeableness score. Individuals who possess a higher level of individual sub-traits have a higher agreeableness score.

Your agreeableness score helps you understand how good of a human you are, how much humanity you possess, whether you have a warm and welcoming personality or distant personality, etc.

What does your Agreeableness Test Score say about you?

(Your sub-ordinate was late to work for the third time this month. He tells you that he has some family problem because of which he is frequently late,

In this situation, you have two choices: First, you could reprimand him for being late and warn him about the consequences of being late without listening to his story. Second, you could talk to him and find out the problem and then work another arrangement for him)*

Your agreeableness score can understand your reaction to other’s problems. Your score could lie in between any one of the three range sets: High, low and medium. Each set indicates different levels of agreeableness and the characteristics one may possess when their score lies in between a particular range set.

agreeableness extreme qualities

Let’s find out what your score means:

High Agreeableness Score

A high score in agreeableness means that you have the following characteristics:


You are a warm and welcoming person who tries to accommodate everyone. Your presence brings warmth to others, and that’s why you are very well-liked


You tend to put the need of others before your own. Moreover, you might not expect the same in return. As admirable as it sounds, this is not a significant aspect of your personality as people might take undue advantage of this, leaving you with a bad experience.


Similar to selflessness, being cooperative makes you want to adjust to others so that everyone around you is comfortable. Employers find this quality incredibly valuable as it allows you to work well and efficiently with others. People will willingly work with you, which, in turn, will work wonders for growth on the professional front.

Optimistic Outlook 

You might have noticed that in times of duress, you still manage to find a silver lining. High agreeableness means not only a pleasing good-natured personality but also a more positive outlook. Since you try to find the right side to everything, you are not easily fazed by the trials and tribulations of life. Not only this, but you also try to stay flexible in such situations and mould yourself accordingly.


Although modesty has been mentioned as a sub-trait of agreeableness, it also is a valued quality that people with high agreeableness score possess. Most people do not like people who boast about their achievements. Therefore, people who remain humble even after achieving great success are respected more.

One downside to being a highly agreeable individual is that you may get too absorbed in doing what is “good”. People can and will take advantage of those who don’t look out for themselves and keep trying to help others. Try to find a balance for yourself to keep content with what you want to do and what you should do.

Medium Agreeableness Score

Having a medium score implies that you can do good for others, but it is conditional. You may lack in 2 or 3 (out of 6) sub-traits of agreeableness. Qualities a person with a medium agreeableness score may have are:

Differentiating between good and bad

You are quite sensible when it comes to understanding people. You are humble and kind with those who deserve it and have a sense of recognition for those who are fooling you around. This helps you exercise caution while helping others.

One downside you may experience is that people might find you rude as you try to be cautious before you try to help.

Cooperation and competition 

You try to accommodate other people and work smoothly with them. You may tend to be a little competitive, though. This can turn out to be of excellent quality.


You put in your 100% and give the best ideas to your team. The result is an excellent performance by your team, and you get credits for the best input.

Making Connections

You may find it easier to maintain healthy relationships and friendships. Not only on the professional front but for personal growth, it is a wonderful attribute to have.

Low Agreeableness Score

Having a low agreeableness score indicates the following characteristics:


If you have a low score, then that probably means that you are quite competitive. Although a valued skill to get ahead in life and achieve terrific heights, competitiveness comes at a personal cost. You might bring your competitive side into personal matters. This makes it extremely important for you to learn how to keep your competitiveness in check.

Practical approach

You might make decisions that are more practical rather than based on feelings and emotions. This is a valued trait in the fields of sciences, but again makes an impact on your relationships with others. Your personality might also come off as a bit cold.

Is there any Correlation between Introverts and Agreeableness Score?

Introversion is also a part of the Big Five Personality Traits Model and comes under the Extraversion personality trait. Introversion talks about the tendency of a person to feel shy and uncomfortable around new people or surroundings.

Doesn’t sound relevant to agreeableness, does it?

As it turns out, Introverts tend to come off as cold and hostile to those who don’t have them. This certainly impacts their agreeableness score. This might be since introverts, by nature, do not feel the need to connect with others. This may lead to being less understanding and accommodating.

However, this might not always be the case. One can always recognise their fallacies and work on them to be a better individual. After all, the agreeableness score is about being a better human more than anything else.

Thus, Concluding

These score sets would have given you a brief understanding of what being agreeable means and what could be useful for you. It would help if you dug in more, develop a better understanding, get to know more about the other big five personality traits and their sub traits. And for your ease, take tests for all these personality traits and develop an awareness about yourself.

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