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Adventure Quotient Test – How Adventurous Are You?

Adventure Quotient is a person’s ability to take part in exciting experiences which involve some risk or bold decisions. Adventure quotient is used to judge a person’s risk-taking skills in personal and professional life. Adventure Quotient is a part of the Openness to Experience Trait. Openness to Experience is a trait in the Big Five Personality traits model which helps define a person’s personality. Adventure is all about taking risks and trying something unusual.

An experience different from all your previous experiences, something out of the box is the real Adventure. Are you adventurous? Would you try a new restaurant or go to your usual one? Would you plan a trip to the last detail or go with the flow?

Some, or most, of us don’t get to discover our adventurous side early on in life simply because we don’t get to experience Adventure. Or even if you have experienced Adventure, you might not be able to know exactly how much risk you are willing to take.

All of this can get clearer by taking an Adventure Quotient(AQ) test! 

You might be full of questions about this AQ Test, and what does it tell you? How is it important? Fret not. All your answers are here, at least the basic ones.

Read on to find out more!

What is Adventure Quotient?

As already described, Adventure quotient is one’s ability to take part in experiences that entail some risk or bold decision making. Some people tend to play safe and are very conscious of their choices, while some are impulsive and ready to take risks.

On the surface, it might not look like your adventure quotient would have any substantial impact on your daily life, but it does.

How, one may ask? 

An example would be an excellent way to explain this: Every person wants to get more money. One way of doing so, other than working, would be to invest it.

There are many types of investments out there. All with their risks and pay off: Higher the interest rate, riskier the investment.

In situations like these, your decisions are influenced by your adventure quotient.

Those with a low adventure quotient would invest in a more secure investment type, get a lower return value. On the other hand, someone with a higher adventure quotient would go for a riskier investment. He/she might face a significant loss or an enormous profit.

Another aspect of being adventurous means being ready for new experiences, for instance, taking part in activities like river rafting, cliff jumping, scuba diving, etc.

Adventure quotient itself is a personality trait of people who are highly enthusiastic about taking in new experiences and exploring as much as they can. People need considerable will power to have such a personality trait because a risk factor is involved.

If you take the test, you might know your ability to take risks and the adventure quotient you possess.

How to Measure Adventure Quotient?

You can quickly know your adventure quotient by taking an AQ(Adventure Quotient) Test. In adventure quotient test multiple factors like your decision-making skills, your choices in stressful situations, your experiences are tested.

The test is based on simple concepts that on analysis give an overall score about your ability to enjoy (or not) adventure.

Sky-Diving: Are you ready or not? 

Sky-Diving is dangerous. If you don’t think its risky, then it is safe to say that you are quite adventurous. Sports done for thrill comes right under the umbrella of Adventure!

Dinner Plans: Favourite Restaurant or a new one?

If you’re someone who finds themselves ordering the same food from the same restaurant, chances are your adventure quotient is low. Openness to trying a different cuisine or restaurant shows an adventurous spirit. Like they say Nothing tried, Nothing gained.

Are you working your way out of a tough spot? 

If you are willing to risk something, chances are you are ready to deal with the fallout from those risks as well. People with an adventure quotient often find it easier to deal with stressful situations.

Take responsibility or play blame-game? 

A hard pill to swallow for some. When something terrible happens, almost all of us tend to blame an outside factor for that thing. Many times we need to take responsibility for items. Generally, people who readily take risks, promptly take responsibilities for their actions too.

These were some examples of factors taken into consideration while calculating one’s Adventure Quotient.

You will be able to understand more once to give the test and review your reports.

Are You A Risk Taker?

Adventure Quotient possesses traits like risk-taking, decision making, taking responsibility, trying new things, in both personal and professional life. Sometimes there are situations where you are responsible, ready to take any role, but you might not be able to try new things, or the changes around you might bother you. 

Do you think too much before taking a decision? Do you not like changes around you? Do you get afraid of taking a step forward? Are you not sure if you are ready to take risks?

If these questions are popping up in your mind, then you must take the adventure quotient test to clear the confusion and get the insights about your score and the qualities you possess. 

Check your Adventure Quotient Now!

What does Your Score mean?

Your score on the Adventure Quotient Test reflects your adventurous nature. These scores could be helpful to know more about the openness to experience personality traits in you. Therefore, they could help you understand the need to improve your personality.

Having high scores means you are ready for some enthralling experiences in your life. Also, you will stand firm in your decisions and will be able to tackle any problematic situation thrown your way with a calm attitude, without becoming anxious.

Having medium scores reflects that you are okay to satisfy your curiosity once in a while and try something. Still, you would always stay a bit more precautious.

Having low scores refers to a personality type who is prone to stay highly cautious and prefer things they are used to rather than trying something new. They prefer to stick to their routine life and do not like taking a risk in any way possible.

Medium scores are considered ideal as they allow you to experience new things along with practising some caution. You can change yourself according to your needs with some effort and dedication.

In the end, we need to keep changing and growing.

“If we were meant to stay the same, we’d have roots, not legs.” 

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