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Achievement Striving Quotient | Work, Life and Relationship Success Probability

Achievement-striving is a personality trait that indicates a person’s ability to stay strong and fight through all physical, mental and emotional barriers to achieve the goal they aim for. A goal-oriented mindset, with flexible behaviour and passion for having substantial growth in life, is achievement-striving. Such people are way forward and reach greater heights in less time. Achievement-striving is a sub-trait of conscientiousness, a big five personality trait.

What is the Achievement-Striving Quotient?

Are you goal-driven?

How much focused are you towards your goal?

To what extent do you make efforts to achieve your goal?

mcclelland's theory of needs

The achievement-striving test is designed to measure one’s mindset for achievements in life, their goal-oriented behaviour and their focus towards their goal. People who have an achievement-striving personality have high determination and do not lose their focus from their goals. Hence, achievement-striving personality trait is one such personality trait which is a necessity for a prosperous life.

Every person needs to have that spark to make a run for what they need and desire the most in life. Many of us do not have that spark, and that is when we need to understand the importance of achievement-striving personality because that is what’s lacking. And this makes it necessary for you to take the test.

Achievement striking test examines your ardent behaviour and goal-oriented approach. By getting your scores, you will be able to judge yourself about how passionate you could be to complete your work. And also what improvements you need to bring into your behaviour to achieve a better personality.

Do You Strive For Achievement?

The Achievement-Striving test possesses various traits like being strong, fighting the hurdles, taking new opportunities and fighting the physical, mental and emotional barriers to achieve the goal. It is legit for some people to complete their tasks on time but lacks the self-oriented goal. 

Are you ambitious for your career? Do you think strategically? What efforts can you make for your goal? are you prepared for challenges? If you feel you possess one quality and lack the another, you must give the tests and get insights on how do you strive for achievement. 

What Do We Measure In Achievement Striving Tests?

An Achievement striving personality is a very hard-earned personality. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to build such a character. In achievement, striving test all those skills that require a very staunch approach and are mostly self-learned are evaluated.

So, let’s have a look at some of the qualities that we look at to check your achievement-striving behaviour.

How Ambitious are you?

Your desire to succeed in life says a lot about your ambitions and your ambitions describe your zeal to achieve. Achievement striking test measure how much focused you are and how much strength (psychological) do you have to face challenges in life.

Do you have self-imposed goals?

Achievement striving behaviour is not only checked how goal-oriented you are but also how you set your goals and imply them. Instead of waiting for someone to assign goals to you, you must maintain a habit of setting up your own set of goals.

Do you have strategic thinking?

How you think, plan and act upon things say a lot about your personality. Your thought process in the context of achieving your set goals is strategic thinking. Prioritising your tasks and understanding the results of your plan is what comes under strategic thinking.

Do you complete your tasks on time?

Punctuality is a significant factor influencing achievement striving trait. The ability to productively utilise time and complete target work on time requires effective time management. Being punctual helps you to complete assigned tasks way ahead of deadlines.

These factors determine achievement striving personality. Each aspect has a different impact on your personality and when combined, tell about your overall achievement striving personality by giving you a score.

What Does Your Score Mean?

entrepreneurial personality traits| Achievement-striving test

Getting your achievement-striving test scores will give a little insight into how achievement striving you are. Also, you will understand more about where exactly you stand with your scores and where you need to work more. And hence, for your better understanding, we classify scores into three categories: High, low and medium.

High Scores

Having high scores means you:

  • Have definite goals and can plan and achieve them successfully
  • Possess a habit to do your things in the best way possible
  • Always keep your priorities set
  • Have a set direction in life
  • Tend to set rules for yourself and work accordingly

High scorers are focused on their goals and have a bright career. Just make sure you also maintain a healthy work-life balance, among being highly achievement-striving.

Medium Scores

People with medium scores can easily accomplish near to excellent work. If you have a medium score in achievement striving test, you are most likely to:

  • Have a little tendency to have long term vision
  • Achieve what you desire but may take time due to your lethargic tendencies.
  • Lack of dedication
  • Lose some significant opportunities.

Medium scorers can easily maintain work-life balance since they are not entirely inclined towards their work.

Low Scores

Being a low scorer is a setback for a career; you will not be able to perform to your full efficiency. If you are a low scorer in achievement striving test, then you:

  • May have short term goals but lack a long term vision
  • Have a casual attitude
  • Are prone to be a bit laid back about things.

As mentioned earlier, an achievement-striving personality is one such personality that could be built with a lot of dedication. Hence having a low score means you can still try and improve yourself for better. You may learn some good personality traits and stop getting deterred by challenges.

Thus Concluding…

All such characteristics and score details about achievement-striving personality will help you to understand the need for building an undeterred and robust character. You can achieve your goals if you set your mind and make amendments with all dutiful habits.

Give the achievement-striving test and know more about your personality and how to make it perfect.

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